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Linnanmäki is the name of a Finnish amusement park located in Helsinki. They organised many games throughout the years in the hotel.

The Linnanmäki Wheel of Fortune furniture in Habbo

In October 2009 they held a promotional campaign in for their upcoming halloween theme called 'Light Carnival'

Victorian Fine Photo Carnival

Lintsi valo09 2.png

The Linnanmäki Light Carnival was celebrated from 9th to 18th October

“Immerse yourself in the autumn mood and enjoy the magic, the powers of darkness and the glitter of lights brought by the Pumpkin Fest.

At the Light Carnival you can skate in the magic of Harry Potter style for the first time before the winter arrives. A spectacular laser show will be there for some unique experiences. In addition fire acrobats, ghosts and ghost stories can be heard and seen in the wizards hut located in the park.

You can also play games at the Light Carnival! The booklet 'Lintsi' has a grid available for six players. Challenge your friends to conquer eachother, the winner is determined by the final score. After the race people can relax in the group cafe's inside the park.

Do you know which websites contain the letters of the new Light Carnival logo? Take part in the competition on the Linnanmäki website to win Linnanmäki products.

Experience the most enchanting moments of autumn at the Linnanmäki Light Carnival. The park will be open from 9th of October until the 18th. Every day from 5pm to 10pm.”

Bike Races

“You can take part in bike races in the new Linnanmäki Light Carnival event room.

The room will be opened 10 minutes before the start of each event. Prizes will include Linnanmäki Lucky Bikes”


All Group members who joined the Linnanmäki group were given a Badge.

Name Description Image
Mainosmerkki Linnanmäki Linnanmäki-mainosryhmän jäsen FIE.gif
Mainosmerkki Linnanmäki Linnanmäen kisaan osallistunut habbo FIU.gif


Fi sticker linnanmaki.png
FI lintsi 01.gif
FI lintsi 02.gif