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Joined habbo: 15-June-2006
Hotel: Habbo.com
HxF username: J1MI
Also known as: Jimmy
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Forum Management
Content Design Management
Rare Values Management

J1MI is a former Forum Manager, Assistant Content Design Manager and Rare Values Manager at Habbox. He was also briefly Help Desk Staff during the beginning of his time as Habbos staff. In March 2008 he resigned from his final role, Forum Manager, and since has not returned as staff and no longer uses the forum.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Forum Manager 10-Nov-2007 14-Mar-2008
Content Designer 01-July-2007 23-July-2007
Assistant Forum Manager 29-May-2007 10-Nov-2007
Rare Values Manager 17-May-2007 23-July-2007
Assistant Rare Values Manager 02-May-2007 17-May-2007
Assistant Content Design Manager 07-Feb-2007 01-July-2007
Head Rare Values Reporter 04-Feb-2007 21-Apr-2007
Content Designer 07-Jan-2007 23-Feb-2007
Trading Expert 26-Dec-2006 04-Feb-2007
Forum Super Moderator 19-Dec-2006 29-May-2007
Forum Moderator 26-Aug-2006 19-Dec-2006
Rare Values Reporter 15-Aug-2006 26-Dec-2006
Help Desk Staff 26-July-2006 30-Oct-2006


  • For a short period, J1MI was in a management role in 3 different departments at the same time