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Habwrecked was a campaign that lasted a few weeks within Habbo in 2009. During this period two teams were made each with an equal number of Habbos within. The two teams were Team DUCK and Team OTTER and these contestants were 'stranded' on an island (it was actually just the sun terrace public room!) are were only permitted to enter their camp when online.

The Hotel Managers at the time, Lost_Witness and Bucho6 opened up applications and when closed they received in excess of 18,000 applications which they had to squeeze down to 60 (30 in each team). As well as the application process, there were two lotteries held during the competition which allowed a selective few to take part. People would enter by posting in a group thread and then the Hotel managers went around the hotel asking random people for a number, that number corresponding to a person who would then become part of the game!

For those who did not manage to get accepted, there were multiple ways to enjoy the weeks of adventure. Homepage stickers, backgrounds were made available and also the chance to win a badge showing who you supported. Viewers watching the show were also able to choose who became a castaway and what tasks were chosen. An example of a task that the teams had to complete were spelling out letters with the team they had with them, failing to do so could result in them being put up for possible elimination. Those who did not turn up for the task were given a black mark, many of these and you could face removal.

In the end, each contestant received a badge showing their participation as well as a small number of the newly released Tiki furniture. The top three from each team won a different badge as well as a larger prize including rares and bundles of Tiki furni.