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Habbo Classifieds was a function introduced in 2007 for the habbo newsletter to advertise your own room, party, quest, event or giveaway. Habbos could advertise their event for a specific day or just as an every day event. Eventually this function was removed and replaced by the Room Event option we know today.


  • A title for the event
  • A time for the event
  • A shot blurb (15-20 words) describing the event.

Habbo Classifieds Example

It's easy to find events to go to with Habbo Classifieds! All you have to do is search on Habbo for the runner of the event find the room to go to! Remember! PST means Pacific Standard Time, or West Coast Time. And EST means Eastern Standard Time, or East Coast Time! Have fun!

habboworld amusment park Grand Opening Forest Casino
WHEN: 11:00 est time

come to the first habbo world amustment park we have over 3 rides come ride them and come to our amazing food court come check out and do our garden maze we are getting ready for the summer



A Grand Opening Of My New Rare Forest Trade And Casino!Come To Chat,Bet,Or Trade!

SEARCH HABBO FOR: lilnicky25

The Bunny Models Modeling Competition Grand Opening of Tech-Com
WHEN: 8:00 P.M. Eastern 5:00 P.M. Western

A modeling competition in which you can show off your habbo, and meet some new friends doing so. This is taking place in teh room entitled "Ze Bunny",winner gets furniture.

SEARCH HABBO FOR: ::bunnyz::

WHEN: 12:30p.m.

This is a military type job.When this Job opens we will protect Habbo Hotel from the evil Terminators.We are here to warn you there is a war outside Habbo Hotel at this very minute so don't panic Tech-Com is opening in 30 minutes.


Huge R&N Furni Shop Opening of my New Army!
WHEN: 8:00AM-10:00AM EST.

This is a huge sale of my furni. Of course i still need a profit, and not all fair deals will be taken. I am strict in the shop. :) Donations are welcome. Rights are 2 furni. ITS 2 FLOORS!!!!!!! Please come, thanks!


WHEN: 6:00pm Est

This army is for habbos all over who need jobs and have nothing to do so join [SLA] Street Legends Army!

SEARCH HABBO FOR: -=sharingan=-

jerko's frdge game Wrestling Mania
WHEN: 5:00p.m. East

hey its Jerko's fridge game it may be a small room but its nothing compared to the BIG prize. So come on over and make sure ya bring your gamming spirit!!!!!!!!!!


WHEN: Anytime - So Be There!

This event is for all the wrestling fans. All you have to do is come and join! This is for a big wrestling party. Add BrooklenBrawler for details and if i'm on then ill be there.

SEARCH HABBO FOR: BrooklenBrawler