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Flatface, also known as :Mobile joined Habbox on the 3rd July 2006 and throughout his active time on the Forum he has worked in both content and community departments being Help Desk Staff and a Forum Moderator. He fully left his roles on the 6th December 2009 and hasn't returned to one since; he regularly visits the Forum, but doesn't post as much.

Past Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Help Desk Staff 19/07/2008 21/09/2008
Help Desk Staff 25/01/2009 08/02/2009
Help Desk Super Staff 08/02/2009 12/04/2009
Assistant Help Desk Manager 12/04/2009 13/09/2009
Forum Moderator 26/05/2009 20/07/2009
Forum Super Moderator 20/07/2009 09/09/2009
Forum Super Moderator 03/11/2009 06/12/2009