Egbert the Excitable Dragon

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Egbert the Excitable Dragon
Number of players: depended on the room they were in.

Egbert the Excitable Dragon was a Builders at Work made game in December 2019.

The game was made up out of 5 mini games (minus the lobby) and in every room was a badge to be obtained.


Egbert has seen some children building a snowman, in the fields, go look through the citadel gate.

All users had to do was go to the Runestone teleport that was laying on the ground behind the Grand Citadel Gate. This teleport would lead users to the first game.

Slippery Snowman

Build a snowman! Step on the color tile once the snowman part is in the correct position or state.

If you make a mistake, flick the switch on top of the red tile to reset your work.

Once done, flick the switch on top of the green tile.

Users had to "build" the correct snowman in the middle of the colored tiles. Moving snowman parts could be stopped by standing on the colored tile next to the snowman parts where the users were.

The Snowman Legs changed different states and had to be stopped on the correct state, the normal "Snowball" with no additions. The head and body were moving and had to be stopped at the right time when they were hovering above the legs.

If the correct snowman was created, users had to flick the switch on the green tile to be teleported. If they flicked the next switch next to them they were teleported to a Runestone teleport and awarded with a badge.

An Ice Rink Inconvenience

When the color tiles turn blue you have 1 second to move to a safe tile.

If you step on the floor you will teleport out of the game.

at 00:00 say done to win!

Some patterns are harder then others. Simply try again if you lose.

A Melting Carpets based game. Users had to avoid disappearing tiles by quickly move to another tile if the tile they were standing on turned dark blue. If they were still standing after the timer reached 00:00 they had to say Done and they got teleported and awarded with a badge.

Deck the streets with boughts of holly!

Match the opposite bought of holly to the correct state!

If you flick the switch on the wrong state you will tele away from the switch

When all the boughs are on the right state, flick any switch!

The match making combinations were:

  • Left To Right: Holly with Garland, Bells and tinsels.
  • Up and Down: Red Tinsels with bells.


Edgar hid himself from the world in his cottage and Ava took it upon herself.

Say without the . for how to play ❤

Htp: Take Flour. grab oranges. grab apples. get brandy. and gather breadcrumbs.

to make him feel better, help her find the ingredients for some Christmas Pudding.

You will need: Apples, Oranges, Flour, Breadcrumbs and Brandy

Habbos had to collect some ingredients to make a christmas pudding. hey had to stand next to one of the baskets and say the keyword within two asterisks to make an ingredient spawn upon the red colored tiles.

If they collected all of the ingredients they had to go to the empty bowl and say Mix. Right after they said that all they had to do is say the word Bake (both withing two asterisks) and they would be teleported and awarded with a badge.


Listen to Ava for what to say!

All users had to do was type in the keyword Merry Christmas! to recieve a badge.


Name Image
There's snow-one like you! ES86G.gif
Love at frost sight! FRA46.gif
Have a tree-mendous Christmas! US069.gif
Had a magical Christmas with BaW. US068.gif
You set my heart on fire... US067.gif