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Joined habbo: 12/08/2011
HxF username: Auffant1
Also known as: Jason
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Assistant Rare Values Manager

auffant1 has been at Habbox since mid-2011 but only first got noticed when he gained a trial in the Rare Values Department in October later that year. He nearly didn't pass his trial and it had to be extended to ensure his dedication and motivation in the team. He moved up the ranks quickly and was awarded Expert Rare Values Reporter within a month and Head Rare Values Reporter two month after that. He originally worked under the manager of Samanfa but has appeared under Pigperson too.

He was appointed Assistant Rare Values Manager on September 3rd and worked alongside Pigperson updating values and adding new furni (whilst also changing any mistakes in current items) to ensure top quality on the site until his resignation on just six months later on February 8th.

He then returned to the Habbox Staff Team with positions in both the Articles and Competitions departments. He however decided to resign from his role as an Articles writer in late April and Competitions Staff in June 2016. He is currently no longer staff at Habbox.


Role Start Date End Date
Competitions Staff 28-Mar-2016 19-June-2016
Articles Writer 26-Feb-2016 28-Apr-2016
Trialist HabboxLive DJ 27-Jul-2014 10-Aug-2014
Rare Values Reporter 29-Jul-2014 03-Oct-2014
Trialist HabboxLive DJ (Jason) 29-Jul-2014 09-Aug-2014
News Reporter 6-Jan-2013 15-Feb-2013
Trialist Competitions Staff 21-Nov-2012 10-Dec-2012
HabboxLive DJ (Jason) 25-Oct-2012 21-Dec-2012
Assistant Rare Values Manager 3-Sep-2012 18-Feb-2013
Help Desk Staff 22-Aug-2012 2-Nov-2012
News Reporter 1-June-2012 12-July-2012
Trialist HabboxLive DJ (Jason) 26-May-2012 17-June-2012
News Reporter 19th-Feb-2012 10-May-2012
Help Desk Staff 19-Feb-2012 10-July-2012
Head Rare Values Reporter 1-Feb-2012 3-Sep-2012
Trialist Events Organiser 19-Dec-2011 28-Dec-2011
Expert Rare Values Reporter 18-Dec-2011 1-Feb-2012
Rare Values Reporter 26-Oct-2011 18-Dec-2011

Staff of the Month

Department Date
Rare Values December 2011
Rare Values January 2012
Rare Values March 2012
News March 2012

Forum Awards

  • Habbo US - Awarded to those who originated from
  • 1000 Posts - Awarded for making 1000 posts on the Forum
  • 1 Year Milestone - Awarded for being active on the forum for 1 year
  • HabboxFactor Participant - Awarded for taking part in HabboxFactor 2012
  • Rare Values Staff of the Year -