Arcade Cabinet

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Arcade Cabinet
Motto: ads_gsArcade_2 desc
Release date: 16 December 2009
Rare Values

The Arcade Cabinet is a furniture that could be obtained in December 2009 by buying prepaid cards at GameStop and via 2 competitions.

New Rare Arcade Cabinet from GameStop

Buy a Habbo Prepaid Card from GameStop and get a FREE new rare furni item!

Remember the good 'ol days, when going to an arcade was an event? Times have certainly changed. The average home game console out performs the majority of arcade games nowadays. But there's a little bit of nostalgia attached to the arcade...for those of us that spent countless amounts of quarters throwing fireballs, shooting bad guys and power sliding around corners into the wee hours of the evening.

So you can understand that we're a little attached to the latest rare furni item...the Arcade Cabinet! Want to recreate that experience of playing arcade games with your friends? Then take a break from playing Modern Warfare 2 and buy a Habbo Prepaid Card from GameStop and you can get one for FREE!

GameStop Arcade Cabinet Promo

Redeem a $10 Habbo Prepaid Card from GameStop between November 20th @ 12:01am PT to December 13th @ 11:59pm PT and you'll get 50 Habbo Coins and a free rare Arcade Cabinet furni.

Rare items will be donated the next business day (not including holidays) by 12pm PT.

If you're not sure where to find a GameStop store, use the Store Locator at the bottom of this article. Visit the Coins Page for more information about Habbo Coins.

The Arcade Cabinet was designed locally by our very own staff member, notMiceElf. It's one of our favorite furni items yet and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Once you've got yours, head on over to the redesigned GameStop Video Games Group Page and chat with fellow gamers about the latest releases. The shopping season is just around the corner, so stop by GameStop and get your Habbo Prepaid Card today!


Review A Game - Win A Rare Arcade Cabinet

Tell us all about your favorite game...

The holiday season is upon us and we're looking to spice up our GameStop Video Games Group page with something from our fellow gaming Habbos. With so many new releases at the end of the year...what games stood out the most? We know how much fun Modern Warfare 2 is, but we want you to tell us your favorite latest game and why. We'll even accept older games if it's well written. Write a review for the game and it could show up on the GameStop Video Games Group page! You'll also be the proud owner of THREE rare Arcade Cabinets!

Write A Review...Get A Rare

"Build an Arcade" Room Competition

Design a gamer's paradise and you could win a MEGA RARE!

The Gaming Dominion, Arcade Palace, Frag Fiesta or Gamers Heaven. There's many names given to the comfortable areas we're secluded to while playing video games. Luckily enough, we recently got one of the most vital pieces of furni to support our creation of such rooms. The rare Arcade Cabinet!

It's also your LAST CHANCE to get the rare Arcade Cabinet...the final weekend. But if you've recently stopped by a local GameStop and purchased a Habbo Card, then you're already qualified for our latest room competition...Build a Gamer's Paradise!

Build an Arcade or gaming room, take a screenshot then e-mail it to [email protected]. Include the subject line, Gaming Room Competition and don't forget to include your Habbo name. Submission deadline is Monday, December 14th @ 9am PT. Submissions must include at least ONE Arcade Cabinet furni.

Three winners will receive a ultra-hyper-combo-mega-rare White Laser Gate and their rooms highlighted on the Video Games Group page. Five Honor Points will also be distributed in this competition. We'll also be adding some television and Sci-Fi furni to the Limited Edition section of the Catalog to assist in your epic quest.


This competition was a blast! From reading your game reviews, then visiting your awesome dream was totally awesome. Looks like the Hotel is full of Habbos that are super enthusiastic about games and the love for games. But the three who pushed limits of room building and went for the high score are...ShadowBaller000's Arcade Palooza, J-e-ff's Gamer's Paradisep and Refillable's The Perfect Habbo Arcade! Way to level up your game!

  • ShadowBaller000
  • J-e-ff
  • Refillable

And props to the ten Habbos below who got Honor Points for the Arcade Competition. We received so many submissions for this comp that we decided to upgrade the Honor Points amount from five to ten.

  • Xx....U.....xX
  • .Lua
  • Ninjasrule123
  • Anterior
  • xLDx
  • Frys
  • lDustin
  • Allyson!!
  • mp2006
  • SnowStorm?