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There are several different page types, they serve several purposes and it is important to know the differences.

Name Spaces: (Prefixes)

  • "<pagename>" is used for content pages, they appear on search by default
  • "Template:<pagename>" used for templates, has some special page inclusion differences
  • "Help:<pagename>" used for help pages, just means that information on how to write pages for the wiki doesn't show up when people run searches for stuff the wiki is about.
  • "Category:<pagename>" auto includes all pages with [[Category:<pagename>]] below the content of the page.
  • "Talk:<pagename>" has no restrictions on page approving, has an add section button by default, used for discussing how to improve the parent page name.
  • "User:<username>" used for talking about yourself, like a talk page in that there are no restrictions on page approving.
  • "User_Talk:<username>" used for having a conversation with the username in question or sending them a message
  • "HabboxWiki:<pagename>" is used for information about the wiki project.
  • "MediaWiki:<pagename>" is admin only and is used to change page appearance.

Sub-pages: (Suffixes)

  • "Template:<pagename>/doc" used for documentation for a template, essentially functions like a normal template page.
  • "<pagename>/sandbox" used for testing page changes (Not really needed due to the approving system but useful for testing templates.
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