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Joined Habbo 07/04/2011
Hotel Habbo.com
HxF username Yupt
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Competitions Manager

Yupt originally joined Habbox Forum in 2006 and applied to the News department under his former name, Eckletix. After failing his trial, Yupt disappeared from Habbox until his return in 2010 where he applied to the Help Desk. Despite receiving a trial, he was dismissed from the position before it ended.

Yupt is best known for his time spent in the Competitions department, a period in which started in July 2010 when Yupt applied to be staff, received a trial and passed. He has been staff on three occasions, that including the present time. During these years Yupt was part of the team which won the Habbox Department of Year in 2010. He is also known for his relentless advertising methods, something his management picked up on in 2010 and was rewarded by winning "Advertiser of the year" in the department awards. Aside from Competitions he also returned to the Help Desk where he was promoted to Super Staff (since replaced with the role of Senior Staff) and also made a brief appearance as an Event Organiser.

Just a few months after his return to the department in August 2013, Yupt was promoted to Assistant Competitions Manager and helped run the department alongside Shonly. They worked successfully together hosting multiple events and introducing new concepts to the department. Yupt introduced the monthly short story competition "Your Words" to the community and also managed the popular 2014 Oscar's predictions event. After the promotion of Shonly to Assistant General Manager (Community), Yupt had been the Competitions Manager since but decided to resign from his role in March, 2015 .

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Competitions Manager 25-Aug-2014 23-Mar-2015
Competitions Staff 12-June-2014 25-Aug-2014
Assistant Competitions Manager 18-Nov-2013 12-June-2014
Competitions Staff 1-Aug-2013 18-Nov-2013
Events Organiser 20-Feb-2012 23-Apr-2012
Competitions Staff 30-Jul-2011 18-Nov-2011
Senior Help Desk Staff 20-Dec-2010 6-Mar-2011
Help Desk Staff 17-Nov-2010 20-Dec-2010
Competitions Staff 20-Jul-2010 21-Feb-2011
Trialist Help Desk Staff 30-May-2010 26-Jun-2010
Trialist News Reporter 16-Sep-2006 30-Sep-2006

Forum Awards

Award Date Issued
Habbox Summer Spectacular VIP 17-08-2014
Official Habbox Habbo Group 28-12-2013
1000 Posts 28-12-2013
7 Year Milestone 28-12-2013
6 Year Milestone 28-12-2013
5 Year Milestone 28-12-2013
HxSS Dedication Award 11-09-2010
4 Year Milestone 21-08-2010
3 Year Milestone 21-08-2010
4 Year Milestone 21-08-2010
3 Year Milestone 21-08-2010
2 Year Milestone 21-08-2010
1 Year Milestone 21-08-2010
Habbox Donator 27-07-2010


  • Is married to Paige.
  • Won Competitions Staff of the year, and of HxSS, in 2013.
  • Is well known on Habbo for his red mohican and green skin combination.
  • One wish would be for competitions to have its own website.
  • Always seen advertising the competitions department.