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Originally from (?)
HxF username Lewis
Also known as Lewis
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Events Manager

Mk, joined Habbox in 2010 although used to browse and use the site prior to that. Throughout his history he has been an Events Organiser and a Rare Values Reporter. During November 2013, Mk, applied to be an Assistant Events Manager. Despite not getting the role, this eventually led him to become the Events Manager.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Events Manager 01-Jan-2014 05-Apr-2014
Rare Values Reporter 30-Jan-2012 13-Mar-2012
Events Organiser 29-Dec-2011 23-Apr-2012

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Name Result
Jan 2014 Manager of the Year 2013 Nominated
Jan 2011 Events Organiser of the Year 2010 Nominated
Jan 2011 Best Newcomer 2010 Nominated


  • Lives and was born in Scotland
  • Voted 'Yes' for Scotland's independence
  • Has played Habbo for over a decade
  • No longer suffers from addiction on Habbo
  • Won the Habbox General Election 2015 with the party UHIP (United Habbox Independence Party)
  • Due to winning the election, this has created dbgtz's second failed attempt with the DW party