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Austin,, is a Habbo who created in February of 2004 on the (Tonynolan pre Merge) Originally starting under the user Aaron247 in 2001, the account was hacked by a keylogger and lost after the merge. In August of 2003, news of was opening, so The user Tonynolan was created on while waiting for the Canadian hotel to open. The Alternative user Tonynolan was created on the Canadian hotel when it was opened in February of 2004.

Austin,, played under Tonynolan on from 2004-2010 until the merge happened when the two names conflicted resulting in the new user name Austin,,

Around 2006 Austin,, Took part in the popular Trade Room on Habbo Canada with D.r.Paz helping the community maintain rare values for the Canadian Market and greatly helping players understand the Rare values transition before the merge. Austin,, is known for warning players of a crashing Market with the Club Sofas value which at the time was going for 75c at the time. He predicted the value would go down to 6c after the merge which was the result.

Right before the merge the User Tonynolan was falsely accused of scamming and permanently banned forcing Austin,, to be the new Main account after the merge.

When the merge happened, a lot of the Canadian player base got lost in the mass of new player and lost a sense of community. This created a massive amount of Canadian Players to quit. (many quite before the merge)

Fast forward to 2015, Austin,, becomes active once again and starts trading and selling furniture. When 2016 comes around the value of Thrones and many other classical rares and supers/ultras plummeted in value. Club Sofas we’re 2-3c Throne we’re 250c to give perspective. The drop in prices were caused by the player base being interested in the new LTD’s being being released at the time and everyone was trying to offload as many old rares as possible, so players could afford these new LTD’s. The result was a flooded the market and over valuing of LTD’s.

Austin,, then bought up as many Thrones, rares and supers, resulting in acquiring a decent collection.

Austin,, owns the flowing LTD’s

Professor’s Lectern LTD - # 19

Mahogany Conference Desk - # 53

Executive Drinks Cabinet - # 632

Habbo-lympix Cauldron # 807


5 x Thrones

31 - White Thrones

Dino egg

Slurpee collection

2 x Orange soda Machine (won on under Tonynolan)

Totem Poll set

Coin Case - (1300 credits worth)

Good Bullion - (300 Credits worth)

Platinum bar (500 Credits worth)

2 x Habbo gold Trophies

Silver Habbo Trophy

Bronze Habbo Trophy

Gold, Silver, Bronze Trophy

Golden, Silver, and Bronze Elephant

2 x DJ Turntable

RARE Green DJ Turntable

Golden EMA Trophy

Silver EMA Trophy

Choco Ice Cream Maker

Aloe Vera

Petal Patches

7-11 Cooler



Austin,, is currently investing into Habbo X and several NFT based furniture including :

Trippy Typewriter


Retro Cocoa Machine

Habbo Globe

Vintaque Statue

Throne Sofa

2 x Club Sofa

Weird Science Machine

Club Rug

3 x HC Chair

NFT Bronze Holo Steampunk

Action Figure Noob

Austin,, is still currently visiting Habbo and 2024 marks 20 years of being a Resident (22 including previous user Aaron274)