SpangaS Op Survival Sleeping Bag

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SpangaS Op Survival Sleeping Bag
Release date: May 2009 ( Only)
Rare Values

The SpangaS Op Survival Sleeping Bag is a furni excluvie to and was given out in 2009 due to a promoting of a movie with the same name. People who bought a cinema ticket at a Pathé cinema in the netherlands, got a voucher with a habbo code on it. If you entered this code on the 'Buy Credits' page you had a change of getting a sleeping bag, tho not all voucher codes guaranteed you on getting one

The sleeping bag was part of a big promotion. Not only could u win a sleeping bag, but habbo also give out a SpangaS Op Survival "package" to the winners of a quiz, which contained: a Sweater, cap, keychain, SpangaS op Survival Magazine and 2 cinema tickets.

Even the sunterrace was changed to fit the theme.


  • On january the 31th 2010 After the promotion was over the sign above the sleeping bag was removed
  • Not only could u win a sleeping bag with a voucher, habbo also gave out 4500 of these sleeping bags to people who gave the right answer to the question: Wat is het hoogtepunt van de werkweek? (Translate: What is the highlight of the weeklong study trip?)