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Joined habbo: 5 February 2004
Hotel: Habbo.nl
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s): Hotel Manager

Lotus, Habbo name of Nathalie Korsman, was since the opening of the dutch hotel in 2004 till June 2009 the hotel manager of Habbo.nl

She was the 14th Habbo registered on Habbo Netherlands.


On January 2004 before the official opening of Habbo.nl a habbo named Nathal was registered, this was Lotus her first Habbo name. Nathal is a combination is the beginning part of her real first name, but since the privacy regulations were very strict in the beginning of Habbo she kept this as her second account.


Lotus has many rooms, a part of them are showrooms of furniture lines. Here are some of the memorable rooms she owns: