Kings Day

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Kings Day
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Kings Day (Formerly known as Queens Day) are returning events regarding the real life holiday Koningsdag held in April. Just like real life, many habbos like to dress up in orange clothes and play games where many badges can be won. Habbo releases special orange furniture (deals) or orange rares on that day to celebrate it.

Because the real life Kings Day consists of visiting flea markets and playing games, many competitions, events and badges are based of that.


Name Image
Orange Inflatable Chair Orange Inflatable Chair.gif


Name Description Image
Koninginnedag Badge Een koninklijke Badge NL035.gif
Koninginnedag 2011 Hoera! NL088.gif
Koningsdag badge 2016 Ik vond de kroon van de Koning bij de Molenaar NL431.gif
Ambassadeurs Mini-Mix Quiz Koningsdag 2016 NL432.gif
Koningsweek Blok Competitie Jij hebt één van de leukste creaties met blokken gemaakt! NL437.gif
Koningsweek Kamer Competitie Jij hebt één van de leukste Muziek festivalkamers gemaakt NL439.gif
Koningsdag 2017 Bij jou zit de kennis van Koningsdag er goed in. NL536.gif

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