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Joined habbo: 25-09-2004
HxF username: jesus
Habbox God
Reason(s): Achieving 20,000 Posts

Jesus has been at Habbox since September 2004. He is currently the 3rd Top Poster on the Forum with 23,083 posts; it also makes him a Habbox God.

Mainly, Jesus has posted in forums without post count such as Forum Games and Spam but ventured to other areas to gain the commendable 23,000 posts. He doesn't visit the Forum as much as previous years but when he does he posts and catches up with older members.

In previous years, he was a forum Super Moderator until he resigned and helped out as a staff member in departments such as Rare Values whereby he reported and updated the values on the main site.

He currently has no awards on the Forum but would have gained various ones with the years he has been registered and the posts he has done.