Horse Riding

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Player Riding a Horse

Horse Riding allows players to ride on horses. Shortly after the release of horses, horse jumps and achievements were also released. A player is able to jump over the jumps while riding their horse, earning points to level up their achievements. To be able to ride a horse, it must have at least 1 energy, however, to make jumps, the horse must have more. To be able to ride another user's horse, the owner has to click on their horse and select the "Allow other users to ride" box.


There are 5 achievements available. They can be found in the 'Pets' tab in the achievements window. The achievements include:

  • Horse Jumping
  • Equestrian Track Host
  • Horse Consecutive Jumping
  • Rent-A-Horse
  • Horse Quests

Horse Jumping

This achievement is earned by jumping over an obstacle a certain amount of times on a horse. This achievement may take a while depending on how low the horse's energy level is. Horse lose energy while jumping over obstacles, and will only be regained by resting or eating. The latter way replenishes the energy supply much quicker. There are only 5 levels to this achievement.

Equestrian Track Host

This achievement is earned by other Habbos jumping obstacles in a room owned by the player. It can be difficult to achieve unless the player has a particularly popular room. There are only 5 levels to this achievement.

Horse Consecutive Jumping

This achievement is earned by jumping over an obstacle a certain amount of times in a row. This achievement can be tricky at first but once the horse's jumping skill increases, the more it will able to jump before falling. There are 10 levels to the achievement.


This achievement is earned when a player allows other Habbos to ride their horse a certain amount of times. Every time someone other than themselves rides their horse, they will gain a point for that achievement. To allow other people to ride a horse, the player who owns it must click on their horse to bring up its menu, then select the check box 'Anyone can ride'. There are 10 levels to this achievement.

Horse Quests

This achievement is no longer available to be earned. Habbo released a horse quest to coincide with the release of horse jumping furni. Players were able to earn this achievement by completing a certain amount of quests. There were 20 levels to the achievement and 3 or 4 points were gained per day depending on the quest. The reward given via these were furni and accessories for your horse, these were called Horseshoes but are no longer redeemable. The unique prospect of these quests was that the furni received could then be traded, something not seen since the Snowflakes in 2011.