Heroes And Villains Of Habbopolis

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The Heroes And Villains Of Habbopolis was a competition in 2008 on Habbo.co.uk This competition saw the release of the Executive Globe (on uk then known as Power Globe).

This competition was held a month before the Habborella campaign started. in the same month, the Executive Challenge on Habbo.com began where the Executive Globe was released as well.

The following paragraphs are text taken directly from the Habbo articles concerning this event.

Heroes And Villians Of Habbopolis

The time has come to state your allegiance, form your Super Hero team and compete in the battle for control of Habbopolis!

The city of Habbopolis is in a state of emergency. The state of emergency is in the country of peril. The country of peril is.. well I guess you get the picture. Mutants from outer space are reeking havoc on the population. We need a hero. And not just Bonnie Tyler singing it. It's time for YOU and your band of heroes to rise from the ashes and settle the score once and for all.

Habbopolis needs YOU!

Get your friends together, or take this opportunity to make some, and form your Super Hero Group today! You'll need to give your clan a special collective name (like the Nifty Nine) and give each of your members a special name (like Nimble 9). Then all you need to do is select a super power and decide whether you will use your power for good or evil. Are you a Hero or are you a Villain?

Don't forget to dress your Habbo in costume and to update your mission with your side (Hero or Villain) and your special power name!

Submit Your Super Hero Group

(Note: Group size can be anything from 1 to 10 but all members must submit the form and all members must know the Team Codeword.)

To take part in the Nifty Nine competitions and to be eligible to win some of the fantastic prizes that will be on offer, you must first register yourself as a Hero or Villain. This can be done anytime you like during the Nifty Nine competition but obviously the sooner you submit the form, the more competitions you will be able to enter!

  • Team Name: (the name of your clan for example Nifty Nine)
  • Team Codeword: (any word you like but all Team members MUST use it. It will be used to enter all * Nifty Nine competitions. Don't forget it and don't tell non team members it!)
  • Hero or Villain? (will you use your powers for good or evil?)
  • Habbo Name: (insert your Habbo name here)
  • Special Name: (insert the special hero name you have given yourself, for example Nimble-9)
  • Power: (What is your power? For example the ability to play the spoons, or something cooler!)
  • Screenshot of your Habbo in costume: (can't do a screenshot? Ask a Habbo eXpert in the Welcome Lounge)

The Nifty Nine Answers The Call

When the dark closes in and the air fills with the stench of cheese, then you'll know The Nifty Nine answered your lasting scream.

The flames engulf the city skyline as the mutant invaders launch their relentless attack on the pixel buildings and skyscrapers of Habbopolis. Amidst the thick smoke a squadron of Space Ducks hovers whilst the carrot spaceship of the Golden Bobbagus launches a new wave of attacks alongside the Tag Gremlins of Nevolope. The city of Habbopolis is at their mercy. Time runs short.

Habbopolis, once a thriving city full of big Furni traders and antique Rare collectors, is on the brink of complete destruction. The streets lie empty. The buildings derelict. Who can pluck the Space Ducks out of the sky? Who will send the golden Bobbagus back to the darkest depths of space? Who will answer our call?

Introducing... The Nifty Nine!

Nifty Nine Competitions

Find out who won our first Nifty Nine Competitions which had your creative minds working overtime!

We held two great competitions for you to take part in earlier this week and they have now both ended (Friday the 25th January at 12 midday). Find out who are skilled winners were below!

Mutant Habbo Alt Competition

Congratulations to: Babyrichtiger dbgtz Goarz Snapplause and zebroid. You have all won a Rare Saturn Smoke Machine. View their winning Mutant Alt entries at the bottom of this article (images 1 to 5).

Mutant Attack Room Competition

Congratulations to: .v.i.c.a.r. aarun Area Boxiel Burth clairenordy Lamberix mlp16 Okeanos and Rivalry. You have all won a Rare Venomus Habbolus. View their winning Mutant Attack Room entries below (images 6 to 15).

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone for your fantastic entries.

Rare Power Globe Out Now

Exe globe.gif

The Rare Power Globe is available now from the Rares Section of your Habbo Catalogue. Don't miss out on this quality, unique Rare!

An ancient relic of the City of Habbopolis, the Power Globe is said to have special powers when double clicked. Interact with this item and the Globe will let off a delicate glow as well as revolving. Double click it again and you can stop the Power Globe on any part of the world you choose! Now that's cool!

Whether you use it to aid those in need of help or destroy those who are weak of mind, the Power Globe promises to be the ultimate Super Hero and Villain item of Furni!

The history of the Power Globe is full of mystery. It was simply a myth until recently when it is understood a reporter at the Daily Bobba discovered the ancient relic whilst researching the ancient catacombs of Habbopolis, which snake their way beneath the city. The Power Globe was found at the Southern most point of the catacombs in an old and dusty library. The Nifty Nine have been sent in to investigate and will report on their findings next week.

Ever since its discovery, the Nifty Nine (and indeed many other hero clans) have been busy battling against numerous villains and mutants which have launched an attack on Habbopolis. Who will win the epic battle? Can you help?

Check the homepage next week for details of the Heroes and Villains Vs The Mutants Events which will be taking place all week with great prizes on offer. You must register your powers first though. You can do this on the link below.