Habboween 2006

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Scary Story Competition

Back in the day, before television and YouTube, there was only ONE way to creatively scare the crap out of others….SCARY STORIES! We know you Habbos can write, so this Habboween, we want you guys to tell us the creepiest tales you can possibly think of in 300 1,000 words or less. The story must be Habbo-themed with the twisted chain of events set inside Hotel walls.

Horror Movie Room Contest

Habboween Bash of the Year

Mad Scientist's Lab Contest

Habboween Night of Fright

Build Your Own Graveyard!


Code Badge Name Description
WH1 WH1.png Halloween Eyeball I can sees your feets
WH2 WH2.png Habboween Classic Habboween Classic
WH3 WH3.png Habboween 2006 Habboween Fangs
WH4 WH4.png Habboween 06 Writer Got their story published for Habboween 2006
WH5 WH5.png Habboween 06 Party Master For hosting a kickin' party for Habboween 2006