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Joined habbo: 30/07/2005
Hotel: Habbo.com
HxF username: H0BJ0B
Also known as: Danny
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Competitions Management
Assistant HabboxLive Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Competitions Management

H0BJ0B first joined Habbox as a Radio DJ in 2005. During that year he was a far less active than he was when he returned to the HabboxLive Radio department in 2006.

He first returned again to his former role as a Radio DJ and eventually went on to become a Senior DJ due to his enthusiasm, hard work and dedication.

In 2007, he became to become a well-known member of Habbox as he joined different departments and worked up his way through the ranks.

After these roles, he became Senior Competitions Staff helping out Professor-Alex, and later moved on to become Competitions Manager and was a prominent face of the department, in addition to joining the Graphics and Forum departments at this stage of his Habbox career. Sadly, he resigned from all roles in 2009 and became a Guest DJ in the department he cared about, still under his DJ name: DJ Knowalot.

Due to his roles and senior work, he became a Habbox Merit and still holds that title today righteously.


Role Start Date End Date
HabboxLive Guest DJ 28-Apr-2009 29-Nov-2009
Trialist Graphics Designer 14-Sep-2008 26-Sep-2008
Competitions Manager 24-Mar-2008 02-Feb-2009
Help Desk Staff 21-Jan-2008 12-Feb-2008
Forum Moderator 14-Jan-2008 30-Mar-2008
Senior Competitions Staff 09-Jan-2008 24-Mar-2008
Assistant HabboxLive Manager 20-Dec-2007 02-Feb-2009
Competitions Staff 01-Nov-2007 Unknown
Talkshow Moderator 08-Oct-2007 17-Feb-2008
Events Organiser XX-Aug-2007 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 23-Feb-2007 Unknown
Productions Staff 30-Jan-2007 13-Mar-2007
HabboxTV Staff 03-Jan-2007 12-Mar-2007
HabboxLive Senior DJ 31-Dec-2006 20-Dec-2007
HabboxLive DJ 27-Nov-2005 31-Dec-2006