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The Museum of Habbo[1] is a large set of rooms on It is a collaborative project, spearheaded by the user and curator: Attached[2] (through his clone MoHRooms[3]). The Museums aim is to collect all the pieces of furniture on the hotel in existence, for exhibition within its rooms - in an attempt to showcase the entirety of release history to visiting users (who are also encouraged to contribute to the museum with any items of their own).

The main room and entrance for the Museum is the Museum Lobby. This operates as a welcome room and often as an advice or help centre. Staff of the museum often host Q&A sessions in the vestibule by the door, where discussions of Habbo History are often held. The lobby room has undergone significant moves and versions over the years. The current room is a large, step-leveled type, with a long corridor leading to the museums hallway, exhibiting a number of classic and exchange rares along the way.


The original classic rares peppered with other supers

The project's inception came from inspiration in an ex hotel managers room. Jibbi owned a series of rooms, leading on from a central hallway, that showcased all manner of catalogue furniture on the hotel, as early as 2006. Other Habbo users too already owned well-known museums around this time, and before 2010, namely Powzaa and Sierk - those these were outdated by the time Habbo had moved to flash and the merge had been completed.

Promotional items from the Idea Agency release

Attached saw the opportunity for an up-to-date museum, and began assimilating his already wide collection of furniture into the project. With early input and room donations from long-time Habbo players from the 2002 era, Toby and Barry - the project began to stock-list as much furniture as possible. Then came notable donations from Liver-Oil in promotional items and branded badges, prompting a wing of the museum to be named after them.

In March of 2012, amidst increasing awareness of the museum, the room was liked by Habbo staff, gaining it crucial exposure in the relevant room subsection. In 2013, the Museum has grown at a steady pace. It began by expanding its Monster Plant collection along with the renewed spring campaign of Habbo, as well as finalising the Trax collection to complete all 72 disks (part of 'Functionality Habbo').

The Habbo Palooza Advertisement
During the Habbo Palooza, a space was rented out for the Museum and a promotional sign was created, boosting visitor numbers briefly (this sign now serves as a welcoming sign in the Museum Lobby). Into the summer, more contributors began to donate super rare and rare items to fill in the museums' gaps. Around this time, the museum first saw exposure on the Habbox Forum[4].
The HC badge collection

As well as collecting furniture ranges (seasonals, promotional, themed, re-coloured, branded etc) - the museum also diversifies into badge collections, such as all the badges attained with HC membership, and those for past Habbo Helpers campaigns or Hobbas. It also showcases similar rooms, collections or recreations of popular rooms on the hotel, as well as recreating hotel views or features of previous versions, including the default clothing for new users.


The museum has collected almost every item from every released range, with the exception of hard-to-find, exclusives or super-expensive items (super rares):


  • Around the World - Alhambra, Greek, Japanese, *China Town, Shamlimar & Chinese.
  • Miscellanious #1 - Baby Pets, CNY 2013, Base, *Easter 2013.
  • Discount Ranges - Hello, Pixel, Ecotron Rewards, *Ecotron Rares (version 1 & 2).
  • Famous Presents - A collection of the earliest *Gifts, Presents and Recycled Boxes.
  • Craberium - Bensalem (Under the sea 2009).
  • Christmas 2011 - Winter Cabin, Winter Landscapes, *Gift Items.
  • Games - Banzai, Freeze, Ice Skate, Roller *Skate, Football & Bunny Run.
  • Habboween Spook-Tacular - Voodoo 2010, Habboween *2011 & 2012, Habboween Rares 2012
  • Penguins - Christmas 2008, Penguins & Baubles (calendar gifts).
  • Christmas 2012 - Christmas Castles & Christmas.
  • Seasonal Sensations - Virus, Christmas 2009 & 2010, Halloween Additions.
  • Original Seasonals & Snowflakes - Valentines, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Snowflake Gifts.
  • School & Snowboarding - Rule the School, Snowboard, Back to School, Back to School Rares
  • Extraordinary Extensions - Bye Bye Pixels, Farewell Plasto, Executive, Pura, Urban & Diner.
  • Wired Lab - Wired Triggers, Effects, Conditions & Accessories.
  • Valentines #1 - Valentines 2007, Heartbreak2010, Habborella 2008, Valentines 2012.
  • Valentines #2 - Venetian, Masquerade Ball & Love Locks.
  • Petastrophe - Pet Beds, Bowls, Food & Toys.
  • Christmas 2010 - The range from Christmas 2010.
  • Functionally Habbo - Groups, Clouds, Lost Monkey, Niko, Counter, Badge Display.
  • Escaped Pets - 2011 Pets Range: Spider, Toad, Turtle and Dragon.
  • Fifteen Minutes of Fame - TV Studio, Habbo Stars, Jetset.
  • Equestrian Exploits - Pet Horse, Saddles, Dyes, Styles, Accessories, Jump & Rewards.
  • Random Room - Habbo-Lympix, Gothic, Ninja, Euro 2012, Dragon, Inflatable Chairs.
  • Cruel Summer - Urban, Big Wave, Summer 2007-Summer 2011 Re-releases.
  • Monster Plants - Monster Plants, Garden Furni, Breeding Items & Trophies.
  • Original Catalogue - Mode, Area, Pura, Plasto, Lodge, Iced, Teleports & Accessories.
  • HC & VIP #1 - Original HC, Version 12 HC, Club Shop, HC Revisited, VIP Originals.
  • HC & VIP #2 - Club Gifts, Club Shop, Black Base & HC Badges.
  • Decorative Delights - Windows, Kitchen, Romantique, Runway, OneWayGates, Trohpies.
  • Miscellanious Ranges - Band Posters, Hospital, Wedding, Jail, Grunge, Prom, Tiki, Tribal.
  • Promotional - Twilight, Spiderwick & Idea furni, other Movies, Promo's & Badges.
  • Misc Rares 2 - Credit Rares, Holo-Dragon, Banzai Rares, Pinatas.
  • Pets #1 - Original Dog, Lion, Dragon, Rhino, Crocodile, Frog, Terrier & Puppy.
  • Pets #2 - Monkey, Pigeon, Spider, Horse, Bunny, Chick, Bear & Bear Cub.
  • Outdoors #1 - Flower Power, Country, Fungi, Picnic & Greenery.
  • Outdoors #2 - Ancients, Jungle, Savannah, Swamp & Savannah Extension.
  • The Liver-Oil Wing - Bling, Bling 2011, Traffic, Flags of the World, Diner & Glass.
  • Habbowood & American Idol - Habbowood, Habbowood 2011 & American Idol Ranges.
  • Sci-Fi, Neon and Relax - Relax, Neon, Sci-Fi, Space & Furni-Matic Rewards.
  • Miscellanious Rares - Classic, Around the World, Lost City, New & Merge Rares.
  • Flights of Fantasy -Mystics & Steampunk
  • The Sound of Habbo - Trax, SFX, Habbo Music & CDs.
  • New Years - Mayan, 2011, '12 & '13 New Years.
  • LTDs - LTD Rares.
  • Untradeables - Capri-Sun & other untradeables.
  • Habbo Palooza - Tents, Festival.
  • Pirates - Accessories, Pieces, Sails, Bottles, Bundle, Virtual Piggy, Rares.
  • Boutique & Mall - Boutique and Habbo Mall.
  • Habboween 2013 - Frightful Furni, Bogeyman Bundle Revolting Rares, Horrible HC Rare

Notable Exhibits

Notable exhibits include:


The museum also links itself with a number of other historical or collectors rooms, these include:

  • Retro Clothes - Clothing styles from the original and much smaler clothing range
  • The Hotel View - A replica of the old Hotel View by Toby
  • HOSKO02's Habbo Archives. Owner: HOSKO02
  • Wise's newsbox replica, featuring a few old faces! Owner: Wise
  • HackAlert's HPD Replica. Owner: HackAlert
  • PantherX's Monster Plant Museum. Owner: PantherX


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