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An example of moderation.

Moderation in Habbo covers a variety of tools to help Habbos safe and happy. These can be anything from Room to Hotel Bans, and each has a use for something.

User Moderation Tools

Most user-based moderation features can be reverted (e.g., unban, listen) however reports cannot be pulled out and once sent, and will be read by Moderators who will decide the correct action to take.

Moderation tools that the User has access to include;

  • Room Ban (only in the player's own room)
  • Room Kick (in a room where the player has rights)
  • Room Mute for 2, 5, or 10 minutes
  • Ignore/Listen
  • Report (also known as Call For Help)

Staff Moderation Tools

Habbo Staff (especially Moderators) have a greater variety of tools such as being able to unban players from rooms and respond to reports.

Hotel Moderator tools (not limited to);

  • Hotel Ban
  • IP Ban
  • Mute
  • User Info
  • Manage Call for Help (Ticket browser)

Habbo Moderator Tools