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Bobba (also known as The Bobba Filter) is part of the moderation system and is the phrase that censors word(s) or sentences with inappropriate words, email adresses or phone numbers in it. On December the 2nd 2010, Habbo changed the Bobba filter to a more traditional **** asterisk-replacing filter, and article informing everyone can be seen here, but it has been changed back to bobba again.

On February the 27th 2008, Habbo added the option for players over 13 to disable the filter and be exposed the censored content - however turning off the filter does not completely give you access to everything that is censored: email address and 6 or more numbers in one bubble are still censored! This is no longer relevant since The Great Mute.

In the Summer 2012, Sulake made the filter stricter by adding IM (Instant Messaging) sites to the list. A handful of other words were also added into the filter to crack down on sexually explicit activity.

Although bobba is habbo's swearing word, they like to bring it up as part of furnitures, events or even a radio station.

Bobba Skull

Sticker bobbaskull.gif

The Bobba Skull is very popular inside habbo. You can find it in alot of furniture and even in a emoji for above your head.

It is much blocky then a regular skull, and doesn't really hide that it's made out of pixels. The alt code for the skull is Alt + 0170

Habbo Censored List

  • Email addresses
  • Sexually explicit words
  • Swear / Curse words
  • 6 or more numbers in one bubble
  • Facebook, Skype, instagram and Snapchat
  • Explicit asking to "Meet up"

Some long sentences with normal words in it can be bobba'ed unfairly, it is unknown why this is.

Update to the Bobba filter

The Room Filter

On the 19th March 2014, Habbo added a feature that allowed users to add words to a 'bobba' list in their own rooms. As you can see in the image, you simply entered the word and clicked 'Add'. The new feature meant that room spammers will be less of a problem as you could just add the word they are spamming onto the filter list.

Popular words to add to the filter list are words such as "Donate" or "Free" for people who are begging for free furniture. Although this is a free solution to do so, Wired can be used to add such words to a Keyword wired stacked unto a Kick Wired. This will automatically kick the person who says a word having less change that they will return.

The feature can be accessed from underneath the 'Room Settings' the filter is only available in your own room (you can't put a filter for other rooms you visit).

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