Idea Agency Super Cake

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Idea Agency Super Cake
Idea Agency Super Cake.gif
Motto: ads_clcake
Release date 2009
Category Super Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Idea Agency Super Cake was a piece of furni released as part of the Idea Agency campaign on the UK hotel in 2009.

Like the Sofa, the Jukebox and Teleporters, they were released as a prize for completing the poll in the Zen Garden - users would receive a random prize out of the ones listed.

Before the merge, the cake had the childline telephone logo as a topper, but once the English-speaking hotels all merged together, all branding was removed from furniture, including the cake. It now has a plain top.

Its motto is 'ads_clcake' (which isn't correct; this is the code for the item and should have been updated when it was released onto the hotel).


  • The appearance of the Idea Agency Super Cake is based on the Elegant Party Cake.
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