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Habbox.com Version Seven, September 2015

Habbox.com Version Seven was released in Public BETA on July 6th 2015, after a 3 year development. Early plans began in June 2012.


A Closed Beta was announced for department managers on March 28th 2015, and was mainly intended to find the majority of bugs before a public release was available.

On release of the Public Beta on July 6th, a forum was created with the title V7 Feedback & Discussion, intended for members to comment their thoughts and report bugs they might find. It is not known when this forum was removed, and it is assumed Version 7 is now in full release.

Delayed Release

Version 7 was delayed several times during development, most notably in 2012 after the Content Manager at the time, Zuth, leaked the site design to the public after a confrontation with General Manager xxMATTGxx involving his dismissal from the role. This led to a complete redesign and the project was halted.

Other delays were forced by recurrent staff changes to the Site Coders team, brought on by real life commitments.

HabboxLive Integration

With Version 7, members seen the long-awaited integration of HabboxLive.com with the main site, as declining interest in the radio was apparent and a separate domain was no longer needed. A merge of both sites was proposed many times beforehand, and early stages of development began late in Version 6 by the Assistant General Manager (Development) at the time, HotelUser, along with some members of the Graphics Department. These early plans were halted however, with the production of Version 7 beginning shortly thereafter.

A weekly timetable, song history and information on weekly shows can now be found under the HabboxLive menu.


V7 Rocket.png
  • Clicking on the rocket icon at the bottom of the page will give the site a space theme. Hovering over this icon will also show credits towards those who developed this version.


Design by Intricat, Skynus and David
Code by Recursion, Intricat, Skynus and Chippiewill
Special Thanks to the Habbox Graphics Department.

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