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Ditch The Label are a UK-based non-profit charity that since 2013 has partnered with Habbo to promote their work around supporting young people with issues such as bullying, identity and mental health. Since beginning their partnership with Habbo Ditch the Label has had themed rooms, Infobuses and rare flag dispeners. They have been seen around the hotel on various accounts, most often simply called Ditch the Label.


Four rare flag dispensers have been released alongside Ditch the Label events and promotions.

Username Avatar
Ditch The Label Flag Machine Ads dtlrare.png
Ditch the Label Equality Machine DitchTheLabelEqualityMachine.png
Blue Ditch the Label Equality Machine BlueDitchtheLabelEqualityMachine.png
Ditch the Label Golden Vault Dtl r20 gold.png


Accounts used by Ditch the Label staff when on the hotel are:

Username Avatar
DitchTheLabel DTL.png
DitchTheLabel-1 DTL DTL-1 AVI.png
DitchTheLabel-2 DTLMember2 (2).png
DitchTheLabel-3 DTLMember2.png


Ditch the Label have made a few room for Habbo, including:

Room Name Room Image Room Link
Ditch The Label Help Desk
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Ditch The Label Infobus Park
Click to expand
Ditch The Label Library
Click to expand
Mental Health:Are you Talking about it?
Click to expand
Ditch The Label Equality Garden
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School's Out [Game]
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The Golden Vault
Click to expand
Ditch The Label: Get The Gold Vault Here!
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Infobus sessions

Example of Infobus Sessions

Since DTL first came to Habbo, they've been providing Infobus sessions at certain times about certain things, since the charity is UK-based, they were mainly at times when UK Habbos were online.

The actual Infobus was the same as a lot of past infobuses, it had pretty much the same layout but with a few Ditch The Label touches, such as DTL vending machines and black and white chairs. The sessions on the bus were usually hosted by either DitchTheLabel or DitchTheLabel-1 and lasted on average 15 minutes.

The Infopark Bots:

Bot Name Bot's Looks
Amar small
Georgie small


Name Image Motto Information
I'm team Ditch the Label Congratulations on having such an amazing face. UK540.gif Can be won in the School's Out [Game]
I'm team Ditch the Label II Congratulations on having such an amazing face. UK548.gif
Ditch the Label Equality Badge - ditchthelabel.org DITCH.gif
Ditchthelabel.org Launch quest Celebrating the new DTL website with you UK455.gif
Ditch the Label Infobus Badge Thanks for taking part! UK423.gif
Ditch the Label Equality Wear the pride DITEQ.gif
Ditch the Label Offline I supported Ditch the Label by buying merchandise during Summer 2014! DITPI.gif
Ditch the Label Blue Swim, Swim... DITBL.gif
Ditch the Label 10K to celebrate 10,000 anti-bullying survey entries. whoop! DITGO.gif
DTL #MHA2014 1 in 4 suffer a mental health ailment, it's more common than you may expect. Speak up and get treated! DTLPR.gif
DTL Exclusive Video Screening Thanks for attending the Strong Screening Event UK502.gif
Ditch the Label Staff Only users wearing this badge are official Ditch the Label staff members. UK538.gif
DTL Mental Health Quest badge Busted some mental health myths today! Designed by Darien. UK659.gif
DTL Equality Badge Your World, Prejudice Free! Designed by hate!habbo! UK662.gif
Ditch the Label Survey badge Thanks for taking part! UK401.gif
They're bacccck! Ditch the Label and Habbo UK805.gif