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Joined Habbo 01-Dec-2005
Originally from Habbo.co.uk (?)
HxF username Kasabian
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Site Designer
Graphics Designer
Habbox God
Reason(s): Active on Habbox Forum for 10 years

Kasabian, also known as Tom or t0m, most notably a member of the Habbox Graphics Department, joined Habbox in December of 2005. Tom applied for the Graphics Department in 2011, and a month later joined the Help Desk Department - only to resign from both roles just shortly after joining. Tom then returned to the Graphics department mid year of 2012.

In November 2015, Tom returned once again as part of the Graphics department and as one of the first of Habbox Site Designers.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Graphics Designer 20-Nov-2015 15-Aug-2016
Site Designer 18-Nov-2015 15-Aug-2016
Graphics Designer 13-Feb-2012 27-Jun-2012
Help Desk Staff 28-Jun-2011 10-Mar-2012
Graphics Designer 31-May-2011 17-Sep-2011

HabboxForum Awards

Award Date Issued
6 Year Milestone 28-May-2011
Habbo UK 28-May-2011
5000 Posts 28-May-2011
Member of the Month 04-Jul-2011
Hogwarts Hits HxHD 02-Aug-2011
Habbox Donator 17-Jun-2012
1 Year Milestone 17-Jun-2012
2 Year Milestone 17-Jun-2012
3 Year Milestone 17-Jun-2012
4 Year Milestone 17-Jun-2012
5 Year Milestone 17-Jun-2012
1000 Posts 17-Jun-2012
2500 Posts 17-Jun-2012

Nominations and Awards

Year Award Result
July 2011 Member of the Month ~ Graphics Won
Apr 2012 Graphics Staff of the Month Won
June 2012 Graphics Staff of the Month Won
Jan 2013 Graphic Designer of the Year Nominated


  • Assisted David with the design of Version 7.
  • Owns a Facebook page for his Habbo Character, this can be found here.
  • His main catch phrases include "Mettgerner" and "ermahgerd".
  • Well known for his Graphics work