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The Habbo Awards was an event held from December 2009 to January 2010 to award members of the Habbo community. Several categories were chosen and users would be given time to nominate who they believed were worthy to win that award. A staff picks award was also given out, however only the Habbo Staff were eligible to nominate a winner for that category. The winners of each category received a special 2009 Habbo Trophy thanking them for their contribution to the site and the top 3 winners would also receive a golden Habbo Awards 2009 Top 3 badge.

Categories, Nominations and Winners

Habbo Trophy.png

Here is a full list of all the categories and everyone who were nominated for each:

Award Nominees Winner
Male Habbo of the Year
  • Billyk
  • Darren-Jacobs
  • Transferal
Female Habbo of the Year
  • 123ld
  • Beat
  • Nirkle
Fansite of the Year Habbox
Trader of the Year
  • Pabble
  • Tradedevil
  • Vintus
Best Habbo Home of the Year Samanther
Best Habbo Group of the Year
  • Blockhead
  • The eForum
  • The 123ld Bra
Kindest Habbo of the Year
  • de_dust2
  • Liddens
  • Zapen
Game Room Owner of the Year
  • Jucs
  • Nellies
  • Sing
Habbo Couple of the Year
  • Beat & Cooshie
  • Blissa & Glamarus
  • Jemmwah & SkaterChu
Beat & Cooshie
Helpdesk of the Year :Jin:
Boss of the Year
  • Gretil
  • Ollyoaks
  • twix-mix
Staff Member of the Year Ludus
Room of the Year
  • Secures
  • -robsterrr,
  • JohnnyFishCake
  • Yitiao
  • Skaterchu
  • xx.choong.xx
  • Vintus
  • .:BamITSMeg:.
  • Zorce
  • Arcanyne