Friendship Fusion

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Friendship Fusion
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Release date March 2018
Available from: Catalogue

Friendship Fusion was a campaign launched on March 22nd 2018. Users were only able to buy one of the two new ingredient deals depending on their account age. The campaign brought the Old Timer Ingredient and New Timer Ingredient which were both needed to craft 4 different types of Clothing using the new crafting table. Old Timer Ingredient Deal was available to accounts created before 2018 and the New Timer Ingredient Deal was available to accounts created during that year. The Old Timer Ingredient and New Timer Ingredient Deals were available to purchase via a popup window for a duration of 3 days, after this time it was no longer available to the user.



Name Image
Fusion Jar (use to craft items) Crafting jarhearts.png
New Timer Ingredient Small gift bff b.png
Old Timer Ingredient Small gift bff a.png


Crafting both New Timer Ingredient and Old Timer Ingredient allowed the user to create the following clothing.

Name Image Crafting
K-pop Buns Clothing kpopbuns.png x4 Old Timer Ingredient + x4 New Timer Ingredient
K-pop Hair Clothing kpop.png x3 Old Timer Ingredient + x3 New Timer Ingredient
BFF Hat Clothing bffhat.png x2 Old Timer Ingredient + x2 New Timer Ingredient
BFF T-Shirt Clothing bffshirt.png x1 Old Timer Ingredient + x1 New Timer Ingredient


To earn this achievement, users would have to craft at least 5 times. Duckets are also given out per level increase.

ACH ffusion1.gif Crafted 1 Friendship Fusion items.
ACH ffusion2.gif Crafted 2 Friendship Fusion items.
ACH ffusion3.gif Crafted 3 Friendship Fusion items.
ACH ffusion4.gif Crafted 4 Friendship Fusion items.
ACH ffusion5.gif Crafted 3 Friendship Fusion items.


Users would be given one of the ingredient deals upon logging in during March 2018.

Friendshipfusion OldTimer.png

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