Exotic Birds

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Exotic Birds
Release date July 2018 (Habbo.com
Available from: Catalogue

Exotic Birds, similarly to the Exotic Pets released in 2017, were a collection of Catalogue rares that were released daily in July 2018 during the Summer 2018 campaign. They were all available for a period of 24 hours before the next rare was released.

The Exotic Birds cost 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds. They all came with a badge upon purchase directly from the Catalogue, and players who purchased all 8 items received a 'Mega Collector' badge.



Each user who purchased all six birds got a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 167 different users have the badge.

Exotic Birds

Name Images Release Date Badge
Puffin ExoticPuffin.png 02-Jul-2018 JMC01.gif
Spoonbill Spoonbill.png 03-Jul-2018 JMC02.gif
Cardinal Cardinal.png 04-Jul-2018 JMC03.gif
Crane Crane.png 05-Jul-2018 JMC04.gif
Quetzal Quetzal.png 06-Jul-2018 JMC05.gif
Peacock Peacock.png 07-Jul-2018 JMC06.gif