Diamond Gift Box

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Diamond Gift Box
Diamond Gift Box.png
Release date 6 November 2018
Category Crackables
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Diamond Gift Box was introduced on the 6th of November 2018 for 5 Credits and 5 Diamonds. It was a crackable piece of furni and upon cracking it, Habbos would find one of a variety of items, either a previously released item or if really lucky, a classic, diamond version of clothing.

The value of the box and the diamond clothing items were worth more than the affordable purchase price after the box had been released, but the value did go down when the box returned for a second time a year later in November 2019.


The new items released in the box were:

Name Image
Diamond Leaf Crown Diamond Leaf Crown.png
Diamond Noble Crown Diamond Noble Crown.png
Diamond Fish Hat Diamond Fish Hat.png

The previously released items that could also be received were:

Name Image
Aquarium Waasa aquarium.png
Chocolate Jersey Outfit12.png
French Flower Cart French Flower Cart.png
Canvas Slip Ons Clothing sliponcanvas.png
Hipster Glasses Hipster Glasses.png
Leafy Roof Jungle c16 roof.png
Luscious Long Hair Clothing luscioushair.png
Two-Tone Cardigan Clothing twotonecardi.png
Pile of Paintings Pile Of Paintings.png
Bubble Juicer Blower Bazaar c17 bubblejuiceblower.png
Hover Traffic Lights HoverTrafficLights.png

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