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Wacky Weekend was a campaign run on Habbo.co.uk in 2009. It featured 3 different rooms available for one weekend only between September and October of that year.

The rooms available varied in value and the cost of each affected this; it gave those with less Credits to purchase more affordable rooms for a good price. Over the duration a few rares entered the deals including an ultra rare at the time - the Red Gothic Fountain, which was then valued at 206 Club Sofas by Habbox, (making them worth 2884 Credits approx.) not only were they worth a lot, there were only a handful on the hotel and now they're worth hardly anything compared to then. The deal also went on sale via the Catalogue for 175 Credits; Habbo mistakenly valued the room at 266 Credits, which ultimately made the value plummet.

Wacky Weekend Badge

The campaign allowed players to submit their own room ideas and whoever won the decision would then receive a badge and a Furni prize. The badge was later found to be in the shape of a blueprint of a Habbo room. The prize was a Purple Ice Cream Maker, formerly Blackcurrant ICM, which was worth 2000 Credits approx. at the time.

Wacky Weekend Rooms

Week 1

  • Executive Room - 150 Credits.
  • Neon Room - 100 Credits.
  • Gothic Room - 175 Credits. Featured the Red Gothic Fountain.

Week 2

  • Asian Room - 125 Credits. Featured the Jade Dragon.
  • Outside Room - 175 Credits.
  • Romantic Room - 80 Credits.

Week 3

  • Diner Room.
  • Alhambra Room.
  • Forest Room.

Week 4

  • Relax Room - 85 Credits.
  • Shalimar Room - 140 Credits.
  • Mega Lodge Room - 60 Credits.