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Molly.22 joined Habbox on 29th August 2008 but didn't receive a role as staff until March 2009 in which she became a Trialist Event Organiser in which she trialed for a month before being granted the role of a fully fledged Event Organiser. Overall, she has been at Habbox for over 4 years and has mingled with various departments.

Molly.22 gained a Trial in the News Department after passing her Events Trial, she worked there for months until deciding to resign. During that time she'd gained a Help Desk Trial which again she passed like the others.

She worked her way up to be a Senior Events Organiser as well as a Help Desk Super Staff alongside Gems,x. Due to the departure of an Ex Assistant Event Manager Lucyy. Molly was given her old role and worked well in it!

Regardless of the demanding roles she had she returned as News Reporter (and resigned a month later), she also gained a trial in the Habbox Live Department at Habbox.

Throughout her time, Molly decided to return and resign from departments and on 26th June 2010 resigned as the Assistant Event manager in which Dilusionate got afterwards!

She has also won various awards from Habbox Events and the Habbox Staff Awards, she also regained both of her old roles as Help Desk Super Staff and Senior Events Organiser; again these were short-lived, she resigned afterwards and occasionally visits Habbox to see how everyone is doing.