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Habbo of the Year 2010 was a campaign to nominate Habbo's best in-category for various titles and to win the Habbo Award Trophy as a finalist and Habbo of the Year badge for the ultimate winners. The were three stages to this event. Firstly, making nominations by buying your nominees various, newly released Coloured Trophies. Next the three Habbos who received the most of one type of trophy were awarded the Habbo Award Trophy by staff and were in the running for a Habbo of the Year badge. Lastly, five winners were chosen, one of the three in each title, to determine the respective Habbos of the Year for each category.


Stage 1: Nominate

Stage one involved buying newely released Coloured Trophies for your friends. These were added to the Xmas 2010 section of the shop in the hotel, those who collected the most of one type of trophy would be in-line for the top three in that category. There were five categories, each with their own unique coloured trophy. Habbos had until 21st December 2010 to buy and/or collect:[1]

Name Image Release Description
Most Fashionable Habbo Most Fashionable 2010.PNG Purple Habbo Award Trophy. Does your swagger know no bounds? Does it seem whatever you choose to wear...everyone chooses to wear the next day? Clearly, you should have the most Purple Trophies.
Hottest Guy Hottest Guy 2010.PNG Blue Habbo Award Trophy. That's right, all the dudes wanna be you. Get the most Blue Trophies and you will be king of Dudetopia!
Hottest Girl Hottest Girl 2010.PNG Red Habbo Award Trophy. Do you find yourself getting the most looks of any around? You're easily the life of every party and everyone wishes they were you. Collect the most Red Trophies and it could be true!
Best Room Builder Best Room Builder 2010.PNG Green Habbo Award Trophy. Engineering genius you say? Of course the latest stacking and Furni tricks come from me! My Green Trophy collection is limitless.
Best Friend of 2010 Best Friend 2010.PNG Yellow Habbo Award Trophy. Are your Guestbook, Friends List and Mini Mails constantly piling up? Finding it hard to keep track of all those names?! Of course you're the Best Friend of 2010 with all those Yellow Trophies.

Stage 2: Shortlist

After the deadline had passed, Habbo released the names of the top three trophy collectors in each category, 15 in total. Each finalist was awarded the Habbo Award Trophy and Habbos were asked to vote for their ultimate finalist in each category. On Tuesday January 4th 2010, the top five winners, top of their categories, would be announced.[2]

See Habbo of the Year 2010 Shortlist for the winners.
Name Image Release Description
Habbo Award Trophy HAbbo Award Trophy.PNG The fifteen lucky ones will be getting the most epic trophy of all. Be sure to concentrate on collecting one specific Trophy, as you will not be able to win in multiple categories.

Stage 3: Habbos of the Year

The final stage revealed the highest voted Habbos of the Year by the community. This marked the end of the competition. The winners each received the coloured trophy badge unique to their category (see below) and the glory of Habbo of the Year.[3] This campaign had introduced a number of new content: A new trophy set, which was removed after stage one, a new super are trophy (which remains at just 15 in number) and a unique set of five badges to the winners.[4]

PurpleHoTYBadges2010.png Most Fashionable of 2010 - Winner: Super!Krazy
BlueHoTYBadges2010.png Hottest Guy of 2010 - Winner: Fluid
RedHoTYBadges2010.png Hottest Girl of 2010 - Puppel
GreenHoTYBadges2010.png Best Room Builder of 2010 - Winner: GTA
YellowHoTYBadges2010.png Best Friend of 2010 - Winner: -Curtis


This type of competition was now an annual recurrence on the hotel around New Years. This was the first post-merge competition of this kind however, whereas each English language hotel had held separate competitions in the past. Many Habbos fought for the title, which was considered unfair in its process. The requirement to buy trophies to nominate Habbos simply led to many wealthy users buying themselves trophies from clone accounts, or bribing other users to choose them. As is always the case with these kind of competitions, comments that the format was elitist or that winners were staff favourites were common.