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On April 7, 2014, Sulake announced a limit on the number of dice that would function within a room at one time, meaning that the use of Casinos was no longer allowed. Chance games where people would place bets on a random income, as well as paying furniture for extra lives within a game, e.g. p2s, p2p, and rev were also banned. The reason behind this was that the online gambling that occured on the hotel was criticised by those outside of Habbo, and accused Sulake of teaching teenagers bad habit by introducing them to and getting them addicted to gambling. Online gambling is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 years in most countries also, which is another reason the ban was implemented.

As players began panic selling their random chance items, Habbo released a special limited Furni-Matic whereby players could recycle their chance items and get a fixed amount of Credits back from it. Unfortunately, some of the prices didn't add up to what the actual value was. Since the ban was put in place, some Super Rares such as Throne and Gold Dragon Lamp have plummeted in price due to them being used primarily in Casino rooms.


The ban implemented the a chance item of 3 per room. This includes Dicemaster, Wheel Of Fortune and Fortune Teller. If there are more than three of these items within a room, all randomisers within the room will be disabled. Sulake confirmed that Casinos as a theme were not banned, only rooms that were used for gambling or hosting other games of chance. All chance items were also removed from the Catalogue, including the Spinning Bottle and Holodice.


Once the ban was announced, hundreds of Habbos were found in various guest rooms and the Welcome Lounge, protesting the ban. As gambling has been a huge part of the Habbo economy for years, the ban greatly affected this. The worth of Rares descended rapidly and a lot of Casino owners were seen trying to sell all their items before they would be worthless. A lot of the Casino owners, and casual players who logged on just for the use of Casinos, quit Habbo following this ban since that's what they would spend their online time doing.


In the official news article posted by Habbo Staff, it stated that there would be consequences for anyone who was found to be attempting to workaround this rule. First-time offenders will have their trading pass temporarily removed and multiple offences will result in a permanent trading pass removal.

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