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Joined Habbo 16-Sep-2018
HxF username FlibberFabber
Also known as Nick
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Assistant HabboxLive Manager

FlibberFabber is a former HabboxLive Assistant Manager and Site Coder. He joined HabboxForum on September 19 2018 as a Help Desk trialist and a couple of weeks later became a Site Coder and the HabboxLive Assistant Manager.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Assistant HabboxLive Manager 08-Oct-2018 28-May-2019
Site Coder 03-Oct-2018 Unknown
Trialist Help Desk Staff 20-Sep-2018 10-Oct-2018

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Result
Oct 2018 Staff of the Month Nominated