Cherry Crush Soda Machine

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Cherry Crush Soda Machine

The Cherry Crush Soda Machine is a furniture item that was released exclusively to as part of a campaign. On the 5th September 2010, Sulake released a news article containing a link to a poll in which you needed to enter the answer "Cherry" to acquire the Soda Machine. Players that took the personality quiz on the group page - [Crush Movie Crew] - also gained a Home Page Sticker.

The five different personalities were:

  • Cherry Bomb - "You exude that dark and mysterious vibe of an artist, making others curious to know you, and surprised to find that inside the darkness hides a total sweetheart!"
  • Grape Grenade - "Chock full of energy and sweetness, but with a little bit of... edge. A friend of everyone, always with a refreshing sense of humour and a contagious laughter!"
  • Orange Warrior - "Your exterior is tough, but your personality comes with a taste of sunshine! You're cool, active and happy, people love hanging out with you!"
  • Lime-licious - "You might come across a little sour, but when one gets behind your shell, your ironic (and funny!) personality reveals a surprisingly sweet aftertaste!"
  • Creamy Crush - "Cute and bubbly, with the ability to make those around you smile. You might be a little "too much" for some, but you're so sweet that one can't help but love you anyway!"

Canadian users were meant to be the only players who could see the news article, but this was easily bypassed by using the direct link (direct links to articles weren't IP hidden/blocked). The exact number for how many were given out is unknown, but a rough estimate would be around 2,000.

The Cherry Crush Soda Machine is not to be confused with the Orange Crush Soda Machine which is a different colour, tradeable and of greater value.

The motto of this item is "Limited Edition Cherry Crush!" and it has no value due to it being untradeable.

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