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Habbo Overview is category page on the Habbox Wiki thats gives you an nice overview of all Habbo events, competitions, challenges, campaigns and furniture that happend and released in a certain year. The category has 21 subcategories which are the years starting from the year 2000 to 2020. The list is still being updated so please check the category every now and then.

  • Rares can be found in pages called 'List of rares released in (year)' to make it more clean instead of all the rares loose in the category.
  • Limited Edition Rares are in the list because they also have a tracking system on their page and not all the "normal" rares have their own page.
  • Aapo Kyrölä and Sampo Karjalainen (the creators of habbo) can be found in the year 2000. all other staff can be found on the pages of the Habbo Hotels.
  • All other history (like old features, branded items etc..) can be found under the Habbo Overview page in the Category History
  • Room Bundles have the year of when they were released AND Re-released under them since you get a new badge everytime they (re)release them.
  • Currency like Pixels or Diamonds have the year when they were introduced at first, not when the furniture, which you could buy with them, were released

Note that the years contain all the habbo events that happend globally so also events from Habbo.nl and Habbo.es etc.. have and will be added.