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| Poinsettia Wreath || [[File:Poinsettia Wreath.png]] || Red Matroyoshka Doll (x3) + Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x3)
| Poinsettia Wreath || [[File:Poinsettia Wreath.png]] || Red Matroyoshka Doll (x3) + Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x3)
| Snowman Hat || || Red Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Snowman Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll (x1)
| Snowman Hat || [[Image:Clothing snowman.png]] || Red Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Snowman Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll (x1)
| Rudolph Beanie || [[File:Rudolph Beanie.png]] || Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Santa Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Elf Matroyoshka Doll (x1)
| Rudolph Beanie || [[File:Rudolph Beanie.png]] || Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Santa Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Elf Matroyoshka Doll (x1)

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Winter City Festival
Release date: December 2018
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Hygge in Habbo
Next Campaign:
New Year 2019

Winter City Festival was the 2018 Christmas campaign and furniture range on Habbo. The campaign began on December 1 when the Advent Calendar appeared on Hotel View and Big Habbo Christmas Game room opened. Older Christmas furniture also reappeared in the catalogue under Xmas Comeback. On December 3rd, the entire new range was released and included furniture inspired by Winter festivals and stage performances. New Rares, a new crafting system and room bundles were also released throughout the month.


Catalogue Furniture

The campaign included a range of new furniture, all of which was themed around seasonal festivals and city decorations.

Name Image
Illuminated Bear Light Illuminated Bear Light.png
Winter Stage Harp Winter Stage Harp.png
Winter City Penguin Winter City Penguin.png
Present Courier Elf Present Courier Elf.png
Metro Entrance Metro Entrance.png
Father Frost Father Frost.png
Winter City Ticket Booth Winter City Ticket Booth.png
Inflatable Log Cabin Inflatable Log Cabin.png
Winter City Piano Winter City Piano.png
Snowball Pit Snowball Pit.png
Furball Furball.png
Sphynx Kitten Sphynx Kitten.png
Stocking Cat Stocking Cat.png
Upside Down Pug Upside Down Pug.png
Stocking Dachshund Stocking Dachshund.png
Puffball Puppy Puffball Puppy.png
Exotic Shorthair Kitten Exotic Shorthair Kitten.png
Winter Stage Backdrop Winter Stage Backdrop.png
Winter Stage Winter Stage.png
Imperial Building Imperial Building.png
Imperial Pillar Imperial Pillar.png
Present Pile Present Pile (Winter City).png
Winter Stage Curtains Winter Stage Curtains.png
Winter Curtain Top Winter Curtain Top.png
Winter Stage Window Winter Stage Window.png
Winter Stage Stairs Winter Stage Stairs.png
Imperial Street Light Imperial Street Light.png
Hearty Borscht Hearty Borscht.png
Illuminated Winter Tree Illuminated Winter Tree.png
Icicle Lights Icicle Lights.png
Winter Stage Chair Winter Stage Chair.png
Buried Uplighters Buried Uplighters.png
Winter City Christmas Tree Winter City Christmas Tree.png
Winter City Candy Cane Winter City Candy Cane.png
Winter Stall Winter Stall.png
Winter Stall Table Winter Stall Table.png
Winter City Stool Winter City Stool.png
Arctic Circle Night Sky Arctic Circle Night Sky.png
Winter City Sweets Winter City Sweets.png
Winter City Souvenirs Winter City Souvenirs.png
Babushka Babushka.png
Winter City Snowman Winter City Snowman.png
Winter City Ball Light Winter City Ball Light.png
Winter City Pavement Winter City Pavement.gif
Winter City Snowball Winter City Snowball.png


Four new clothing items were also released during this campaign.

Name Image
The Sideflop Clothing sideflopped.png
2018 Bobble Hat Clothing bobblehat.png
2018 Christmas Mittens Clothing mittens.png
Imperial Guard Uniform Clothing regiment.png


A new Crafting system was launched with 7 new pieces of clothing available to be made; along with this came a new crafting table.

Name Image
Nutcracker Crafting Table Nutcracker Crafting Table.png

The required ingredients were Matroyoshka Dolls, which could be obtained in a number of ways. The Red Matroyoshka Doll was available in the catalogue for 24 hour periods, while the Santa Matroyoshka Doll was given out during the Big Habbo Christmas Game games. Both dolls were crackable items, and each time they were cracked they would change into a different type of doll.

Name Image
Santa Matroyoshka Doll Santa Matroyoshka Doll.png
Snowman Matroyoshka Doll Snowman Matroyoshka Doll.png
Penguin Matroyoshka Doll Penguin Matroyoshka Doll.png
Elf Matroyoshka Doll Elf Matroyoshka Doll.png
Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll.png
Red Matroyoshka Doll Red Matroyoshka Doll.png
Yellow Matroyoshka Doll Yellow Matroyoshka Doll.png
Green Matroyoshka Doll Green Matroyoshka Doll.png
Blue Matroyoshka Doll Blue Matroyoshka Doll.png
Purple Matroyoshka Doll Purple Matroyoshka Doll.png

The following clothing items could be crafted with these dolls.

Crafting guide
Name Image Ingredients
2018 Christmas Tree Sweater 2018 Christmas Tree Sweater.png Yellow Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Green Matroyoshka Doll (x2)
Christmas Tree Party Hat Christmas Tree Party Hat.png Green Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Blue Matroyoshka Doll (x2)
Poinsettia Wreath Poinsettia Wreath.png Red Matroyoshka Doll (x3) + Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x3)
Snowman Hat Clothing snowman.png Red Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Snowman Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll (x1)
Rudolph Beanie Rudolph Beanie.png Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Santa Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Elf Matroyoshka Doll (x1)
Penguin Hat Penguin Hat.png Yellow Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Penguin Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Snowman Matroyoshka Doll (x2)
Glittering Halo Glittering Halo.png Red Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Yellow Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Green Matroyoshka Doll (x2) + Blue Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Purple Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Santa Matroyoshka Doll (x1) + Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll (x1)


Four new rares were released during this campaign, two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl.png X1840.gif
Imperial Dancer's Dress Clothing r18 featherdress.png X1841.gif
Feathered Crown Clothing r18 feathercrown.png X1842.gif
Illuminated Winter Fountain Illuminated Winter Fountain.png X1843.gif

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition Rare, the Frosted Habberge Egg, was released on December 20th. All 132 units sold out in the first 24 hours of it being released.

Name Image Badge
Frosted Habberge Egg Xmas ltd18 snowhabberge.png X1844.gif

Room Bundles

Two new Room Bundles were released during the campaign.

Two previous room bundles were re-released.


Advent Calendar

The Christmas Calendar once again returned on December 1st. Every day Habbos could get free Builders Club, Habbo Club, Duckets, Credits or a piece of furni. The furni was either Christmas furni from previous years or there were nine reindeer released that were exclusively given out in the Advent Calendar.

Name Image
Comet the Astronaut Comet the Astronaut.png
Dasher the Bullet Dasher the Bullet.png
Vixen the Gangster Vixen the Gangster.png
Red Nose Rudolph Red Nose Rudolph.png
Cupid the Matchmaker Cupid the Matchmaker.png
Prancer the Dancer Prancer the Dancer.png
Dancer the Prancer Dancer the Prancer.png
Blitzen the Sprinter Blitzen the Sprinter.png
Donner Kebab Donner Kebab.png

The Big Habbo Christmas Game

A new Christmas game was released every day up until Christmas. Habbos who completed the daily game would win a badge and either a Santa Matroyoshka Doll or 2018 Christmas Turtle.

The games were broken into five categories of five games, and every category had a bonus game which gave a gold badge and an extra special prize to the first person to win.

Category 1 2 3 4 5 Gold
Matroyoshkas X1811.gif X1816.gif X1821.gif X1826.gif X1831.gif X1845.gif
Christmas Deers X1812.gif X1818.gif X1825.gif X1827.gif X1833.gif X1846.gif
Winter Festival X1813.gif X1817.gif X1822.gif X1828.gif X1832.gif X1847.gif
Theatre X1814.gif X1820.gif X1823.gif X1829.gif X1834.gif X1848.gif
Christmas Socks X1815.gif X1819.gif X1824.gif X1830.gif X1835.gif X1849.gif

Secret Badges

10 Secret badges were hidden throughout the 24 games. They were:

X1801.gif X1802.gif X1803.gif X1804.gif X1805.gif X1806.gif X1807.gif X1808.gif X1809.gif X1810.gif