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Release date: March 2023
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Valentines 2023
Next Campaign:

Hanami is the Habbo campaign that took place throughout March of 2023[1]. It was based around Hanami, a Japanese tradition for enjoying cherry blossom season, when cherry trees bloom beginning around March of every year.

Four New Rares that fit the theme of the campaign were released along with a Duck Blue Dragon Lamp and Golden Brick Floor credit furni. The original Diamond Gift Box also returned during the month. A new three part Hanami Bundle was released alongside eight older returning bundles.

On March 25th, Habbo celebrated Earth Hour by holding events themed on the environment.



Name Image Badge
Kitsune Set Clothing r23 kitsuneoutfit.png HNM12.png
Sakura Antlers Clothing r23 sakuraantlers.png HNM13.png
Hanami Festival Dragon Jp r23 sakuradragon.png HNM14.png
Hanami Parasol Jp r23 parasolseat.png

Credit Furniture

A new item of Limited Edition credit furniture was released for this campaign.

Name Image
Golden Brick Floor CF 250 goldenfloor.png

Duck Blue Dragon Lamp

A new addition to the rare Dragons was the Duck Blue Dragon Lamp which was available to buy in the Shop.

Name Image Badge
Duck Blue Dragon Lamp Duck Blue Dragon Lamp.png HNM16.png

Room Bundles

A new room bundle, which was available in three parts, was released during the campaign.

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.