Duck Blue Dragon Lamp

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{{Infobox furni | name = Duck Blue Dragon Lamp | image = Duck_Blue_Dragon_Lamp.png | release_date = 02 March 2023 | campaign = Hanami | price = £5.98 | category = [[Dragon Lamps}
New Rares | previous_release = Candy Floss Kangaroo | next_release = Kitsune Set | value = }}

The Duck Blue Dragon Lamp is a rare furniture item released in March 2023 during the Hanami campaign. It was the 24th addition to the classic Dragon Lamps collection.

Similar to the Rainbow Laser Portal and Grey Ice Cream Machine, this item could only be purchased through the Habbo Shop on the homepage for £5.98.


Left Everyone who purchased the Duck Blue Dragon Lamp also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets 394 Habbos have this badge.