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| [[Image:Sf dragon.gif]]
| [[Image:Sf dragon.gif]]
| [[Sand Dragon Lamp]]
| [[Rare Sand Dragon]]
| [[File: Cat734.gif]]
| [[File: Cat734.gif]]
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| [[File:Brown Dragon Lamp.png]]
| [[File:Brown Dragon Lamp.png]]
|[[Rainbow Dragon Lamp LTD]]
| [[Rainbow Dragon Lamp LTD]]
|[[File:Phk d220.png]]
| [[File:Phk d220.png]]
| [[NFT_Furni#Trippy_Dragon_Lamp_&_Lightbulb_Floor_Lamp|Trippy Dragon Lamp]]
| [[NFT_Furni#Trippy_Dragon_Lamp_&_Lightbulb_Floor_Lamp|Trippy Dragon Lamp]]

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Dragon Lamps
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Dragon Lamps are a Version 7 Rare that have been steadily released over the years and are often associated with high value due to their royal feel. Currently the Golden, Silver and Bronze dragon lamps are Super Rares and are some of the most expensive and bought after items of furniture on the hotel. The original colours were released in V7|Version 7 and later additions include the Pink Dragon Lamp in January 2013, the Maroon Dragon Lamp in July 2015, the Azure Dragon Lamp in August 2016, the Emerald Dragon Lamp in September 2017, the Teal Dragon Lamp in September 2018 and the Brown Dragon Lamp in March 2021.

The Dragons

Name Image
Golden Dragon Golden dragon.gif
Silver Dragon Lamp Silver dragon lamp.gif
Bronze Dragon Lamp Bronze dragon lamp.gif
Fire Dragon Lamp Fire dragon lamp.gif
Frost Dragon Lamp Frost dragon.gif
Forest Dragon Lamp Forest dragon lamp.gif
Blue Dragon Lamp Blue dragon lamp.gif
Black Dragon Lamp Black dragon lamp.gif
Sky Dragon Lamp Sky dragon lamp.gif
Jade Dragon Jade dragon.gif
Blizzard Dragon Sf dragon.gif
Rare Sand Dragon Cat734.gif
Darkstar Dragons Darkstar Dragons.png
Diamond Dragon Lamp Diamond dragon.png
Pink Dragon Lamp Pink Dragon 2.png
Maroon Dragon Lamp Maroon Dragon Lamp.gif
Azure Dragon Lamp AzureDL.png
Emerald Dragon Lamp Emerald dragon lamp.gif
Teal Dragon Lamp Teal Dragon Lamp.png
Rose Gold Dragon Lamp Rare blackrosegold dragonlamp 64 a 4 0.png
Brown Dragon Lamp Brown Dragon Lamp.png
Rainbow Dragon Lamp LTD Phk d220.png
Trippy Dragon Lamp Trippy Dragonlamp.gif
Duck Blue Dragon Lamp Duck Blue Dragon Lamp.png
Total Dragon Lamps 24