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Release date 2000
Available from: Catalogue

Pets are highly interactive animals that can be bought by a player in the hotel. They were first introduced back in 2002, but the only pets available were dogs and cats until 2007 when Crocodiles were introduced. They didn't come with many features; they reacted to specific chat commands and ran to the owner whenever they entered the room. Players are now able to interact with all pets, whether it's scratching them or training them. They vary in price and cannot be traded or recycled in the Ecotron. Over time, more and more pets have been released, from Dragon, Frog and Spider right through to the slightly less plausible Pet Leprechaun.

Before any pet is bought, the player is given the option of changing its name and colour. There is a wide range of colours for every pet, but they cannot be changed after the pet has been bought - unless it is a horse, which can be dyed. Each pet comes with 'Starter Food,' but as Starter Food is low in energy, many players choose to buy other accessories to keep their pets happy, including a water bowl, food, bed and toys. Each pet has different accessories, and they can cost anything from 1 to 6 credits, with food available in bulk packets and pixel substitutes. Pets do not die without food or water but will be unable to train until they have replenished their energy supply.


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Species: 1
Release date: March 2014
Catalogue Price: 50 Credits

Leprechauns were a type of Pet available for purchase on Habbo for a limited time only. They were introduced in March 2014 as part of the St. Patrick campaign and were brought back in March 2018. Habbos were able to purchase Leprechauns using the Catalogue under the Leprechaun Pet section. In this section you would also be able to buy two nests for your pet; a tree and a house. Pet food and accessories can be found in the Pet Shop and Accessories section under the Pet Shop tab. All Leprechauns are able to be trained by their owners and, by doing so, they level up, resulting in the owner completing achievements. Upon buying a Leprechaun, you are able to choose a name for your pet. However, once the pet has been paid for, you are unable to change these settings.

Additionally, players were able to obtain a Leprechaun by purchasing the St Patricks Day Bundle that was released during the St. Patrick's campaign in 2015.


There were only 1 breeds of Leprechaun for sale, meaning that the only difference between one Leprechaun and another is their name. All Leprechauns came in a box. To open it, you'll need to place the box and double click it, which will open the box and reveal the Leprechaun that you have bought. Once the box has been opened, you cannot place the Gnome back in.



  • As part of an April Fools campaign during 2015, Habbo offered an "Epic Pet" for users to pre-purchase for 650 Duckets. The pet was later revealed to be a "Pet Rock".
  • From January 2002 until November 2009, there were only 3 different pets released.
  • The ability to scratch pets was introduced in late 2009. It works in the same way as giving Habbos 'respects', but for pets.
  • Along with the ability to scratch pets, the new features introduced in December 2009 included the ability to train pets.
  • Pets are another category of achievements. In total there are 12 different achievements which are currently available to unlock, all of varying difficulties.
  • Before the training update, various commands that could be said by anyone and had previously worked on Pets were removed and now only work for the owner of said pet.
  • The most expensive pet to purchase, at 160 Credits, is the Level 10 Monster Plant.