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HabboHeights is a fansite for Habbo.com (International) and was previously an official fansite with the likes of Habbox and HFFM. HabboHeights is another old fansite that still runs but has lost its official status as well as most of its popularity today. The main website (www.habboheights.net/) is only partly functional as the staff is preparing to upgrade to V2. Visitors who go to the site are welcomed simply with a message that states "v2 is around the corner!".

HabboHeights originated in 2006 when it was a small group on Habbo Canada; the founder Wizhared is still with the fansite today, and in her time as founder she created the HabboHeightsTown (or HHT for short). The town was secret for eight months and before long it was a favorite hangout in the Canadian hotel for anyone who came upon it.

The founder (Wizhared) worked at many fansites before considering that HabboHeights could become one and in 2010 HabboHeights (the fansite) was born.


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Hffm banner.png
Opened 2012
Language English
Hotel Habbo.com
Owners Lixur

HFFM, abbreviated from HabboFunFM, is a Habbo Fansite. It was one of the most respectable, granted 'Official' status, until the updated Fansite Way, which deemed all fansites as equal, thus no more official fansites. However, when official status was reinstated in November 2012, HFFM was one of the ones on the list.

The fansite was founded, mainly based on the UK hotel, by Carnio, who has built it from the beginning. Their radio has been running for over 5 years and has been in constant competition with Habbox since its induction to ensure they got the most listeners. On 2nd May 2012, Carnio announced the closure of the radio, due to declining interest and himself becoming extremely busy.

HFFM has many dedicated staff running a wide variety of departments, including News, Events, Graphics, Forum and a Radio. Before the introduction of the Marketplace, HFFM ran their own Rare Values system as well, which has since been disabled.



Fansites Trivia

  • Each Fansite must adhere to various rules found on the Habbo Group Page.
  • Due to the new Groups on Habbo, advertising has become easier due to the display when entering a Group Room.
  • The merge brought more Fansites from other countries to Habbo.com (International).
  • Three members of a Fansite can gain the new badge, if they decide to leave, the badge will not be removed.
  • Some Fansites couldn't advertise during the 'Safe Chat' mode due to the filter.
  • There are various departments at each Fansite and most include Moderation, News, and Graphics.
  • When the official status of Fansites was scrapped, a new badge was available.