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New Achievements are just like the old Achievement system, but these are the achievements for the Unity Client. Also known as the Habbo 2020

Star Gem Provider

To give someone a Star Gem, navigate to their profile by searching for them.

Each Star Gem will cost you 1 ducket. When you have given 2 Star Gems, you will earn the achievement badge “Friendly one” which is needed for your Trading Pass. There is no daily limit on how many Star Gems you can give. By giving out Star Gems, you get a series of badges and points towards your achievement score

Achievement Badge Description

Gem Collector Guru

Achievement Badge Description
ACH FriendsMaker SGGuru 1.png
ACH FriendsMaker SGGuru 2.png
ACH FriendsMaker SGGuru 3.png
ACH FriendsMaker SGGuru 4.png
ACH FriendsMaker SGGuru 5.png

Gimme Gimme

This achievement is given to players for collecting their daily earnings of 5 or 10 duckets.

There are 20 levels in total.

Achievement Badge Description
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 1.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 2.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 3.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 4.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 5.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 6.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 7.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 8.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 9.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 10.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 11.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 12.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 13.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 14.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 15.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 16.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 17.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 18.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 19.png
ACH Profile Gimmegimme 20.png

Profile Pantheon

Achievement Badge Description
ACH Profile Pantheon 1.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 2.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 3.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 4.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 5.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 6.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 7.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 8.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 9.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 10.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 11.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 1.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 12.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 13.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 14.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 15.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 16.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 17.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 18.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 19.png
ACH Profile Pantheon 20.png