Yellow Spaceship Door

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Yellow Spaceship Door
Yellow spaceship door.gif
Motto: Safe and secure in space
Release date March 2007 (
Category V7 Rares
Ultra Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Yellow Spaceship Door is an Ultra Rare which was uploaded amongst over V7 Rares. There are only a few in existence on due to them only being released as part of a Funky Friday competition prize on Habbo UK. It is the most expensive Spaceship Door on It has been sold in the catalogue in 3 other hotels and spotted in 1 other, thus making it one the most uncommon Spaceship Door colours globally.

Releases and Sightings

The Yellow Spaceship Door has been seen on 6 hotels in total, but only released on 5. Here is a list of all the sightings/releases:


  • - Sold in the catalogue during March & April 2007.
  • - Sold in the catalogue during May 2007.
  • - Sold in the catalogue during May 2007.
  • - Given out as a Funky Friday competition prize in 2008.
  • - Gelbe Raumschifftür Sold in the catalogue in January 2018


  • - Spotted in "VIP Lounge" owned by Kedo.

Known Owners

Here are confirmed owners and known examples of the Yellow Spaceship Door on

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
iSmexi 3 17-May-2020 Active
BelieveMeSafety 3 09-Apr-2020 Active
vincent85 2 19-Apr-2020 Active =VJ= MuSeUm
Fibonacci 3 17-May-2020 Active
-=JuNkAo=- 2 17-May-2020 Active
Total 13

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