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==== Achievements ====
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal1.gif]] For crafting '''2''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal2.gif]] For crafting '''4''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal3.gif]] For crafting '''6''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal4.gif]] For crafting '''8''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal5.gif]] For crafting '''10''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal6.gif]] For crafting '''12''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal7.gif]] For crafting '''14''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal8.gif]] For crafting '''16''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal9.gif]] For crafting '''18''' items
* [[Image:ACH Xmascrystal10.gif]] For crafting '''20''' items
=== Rares ===
=== Rares ===

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Winter Palace
Spromo xmas19 gen.png
Release date Unknown

Winter Palace is an upcoming habbo event regarding christmas 2019.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Xmas_c19_archwall Xmas c19 archwall.png
Xmas_c19_balcony Xmas c19 balcony.png
Xmas_c19_curtain Xmas c19 curtain.png
Xmas_c19_furbanner Xmas c19 furbanner.png
Xmas_c19_windowwall Xmas c19 windowwall2.png
Image2019-9-19 12-12-37.png
Image2019-9-19 14-19-29.png
Xmas_c19_crystalfloor Intra xmas c19 crystalfloor.png
Xmas_c19_chandelier Xmas c19 chandelier.png
Xmas_c19_crystalchair Xmas c19 crystalchair.png
Xmas_c19_lamp Xmas c19 lamp.png
Xmas_c19_iceshards Xmas c19 iceshards 64 a 0 0.png
Xmas_c19_iceshards Xmas c19 iceshards 64 a 0 1.png
Xmas_c19_icicles1 Xmas c19 icicles1.png
Xmas_c19_icicles2 Xmas c19 icicles2.png


Name Image
Clothing_bearmuffs Clothing bearmuffs.png
Clothing_frostedbeard Clothing frostedbeard.png
Clothing_pompomhead Clothing pompomhat.png
Clothing_pompombag Clothing pompombag.png
Clothing_snowmansuit Clothing snowmansuit.png


Name Image
Winter Palace Crafting Table Xmas c19 snowcraft.png
These boxes contain either ice carvings (used to craft gilded figurines) or a Crown of Frost. Sometimes, after opening an Icicle Box, you'll get another, different box that will have something else inside. Xmasboxes.png
Crown of Frost Clothing icecrown.png


  • ACH Xmascrystal1.gif For crafting 2 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal2.gif For crafting 4 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal3.gif For crafting 6 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal4.gif For crafting 8 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal5.gif For crafting 10 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal6.gif For crafting 12 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal7.gif For crafting 14 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal8.gif For crafting 16 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal9.gif For crafting 18 items
  • ACH Xmascrystal10.gif For crafting 20 items


Name Image
Hallowed Ice Fountain Xmas r19 crystalfountain.png
Iridescent Ice Harp Xmas r19 crystalharp.png
Polar Braid Clothing r19 elisa.png
Forward Facing Spikes Clothing r19 frosted.png

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image
Ice Throne Xmas ltd19 icethrone.png

Room Bundles

  • Winter Castle Bundle
  • Dark Forest Bundle