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| name = Winter Horizon
| name = Winter Horizon
| image =  
| image = Spromo nov19 gen.png
| release_date = November 2019
| release_date = November 2019
| availability = [[Catalogue]] <br>[[Builders Club]] <br>[[MarketPlace]] <br>[[Trade]]
| availability = [[Catalogue]] <br>[[Builders Club]] <br>[[MarketPlace]] <br>[[Trade]]

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This page refers to a current Habbo campaign, so content is constantly getting updated as the campaign continues. 

Please don't accept this information as fully accurate until it has been completed, but do keep on checking back throughout the campaign for the latest updates!

You can also help by contributing the information you have on this Habbo topic, but please ensure the content is relevant and accurate.

Winter Horizon
Spromo nov19 gen.png
Release date November 2019
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Winter Horizon was a campaign that ran throughout November 2019. There was no new furni range released although the Log Cabin Bundle was released at the start of the month and came with a new range of exclusive furniture. There were also new Winter Horizon clothing items and rares.

The Diamond Gift Box was also released for the second time for 24 hour periods during the month.



Name Image
Flared Trench Coat Clothing flaredtrench.png
Leather Hoodie Clothing leatherhoodie.png
Hitched Wooly Jumper Clothing hitchedjumper.png
Neck Scarf Clothing shortscarf.png
Long Wavy Curls Clothing wavy3.png
Messy Tufts Clothing shortfluffy.png
Wireless Earphones Clothing habpods.png
Micro Bag Clothing microbag.png


Name Image Badge
Autumnal Dress Clothing r19 autumndress.png CBN05.gif
Autumn_r19_maplebonsai Autumn r19 maplebonsai.png CBN08.gif
CF_500_Orb CF 500 orb.png
CLothing_r19_puppyacc Clothing r19 puppyacc.png CBN07.gif
Clothing_r19_autumnhairpiece Clothing r19 autumnhairpiece.png CBN06.gif

Room Bundles

The Log Cabin Bundle was released and came with new and exclusive Log Cabin furniture.


Best Winter Look

There was a poll on Hotel View asking Habbos to vote on what would be more popular during Habbo's winter season, either the Leather Hoodie Jacket or Flared Trench Coat. A prize of both items and Wireless Earphones went to the 100th Habbo to vote correctly. A badge was given out to those who voted depending on their choice.


Badge Image
Winter Looks Community Challenge - Leather hoodie CBN09.gif
Winter Looks Community Challenge.- Flared Trench coat CBN10.gif