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Joined Habbo 23-Dec-2011
Hotel Habbo.com
Originally from Habbo.co.uk (?)
Also known as mdport.
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Forum Management
Events Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Dedication to the Forum department

Matt, also known as mdport., is a former Forum Manager and Events Manager at Habbox. He joined the forum back in January 2010 and has been in various departments including Events, Help Desk, and, most recently, the Forum Department. Matt has spent the majority of his time at Habbox in Community departments until changing over to Content and Forum based departments in late 2014.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Events Organiser 24-June-2016 25-July-2016
Content Designer 04-July-2016 25-July-2016
Forum Manager 04-Sep-2015 27-Feb-2016
Assistant Forum Manager 09-Aug-2015 04-Sep-2015
Forum Super Moderator 21-Feb-2015 09-Aug-2015
Content Designer 6-Feb-2015 23-Apr-2015
Events Manager 20-Nov-2014 30-Dec-2014
Assistant Events Manager 04-Oct-2014 20-Nov-2014
Guest Events Organiser 09-Aug-2014 04-Sept-2014
Forum Moderator 14-Jul-2014 21-Feb-2015
Senior Events Organiser 29-Nov-2013 08-Jul-2014
Help Desk Staff 23-Aug-2013 16-Sept-2013
Events Organiser 02-Sept-2012 17-Sept-2012
Help Desk Staff 28-Sept-2011 01-Aug-2012
Events Organiser 18-Sept-2011 30-Oct-2011
Events Organiser 13-Jun-2011 Unknown


Date Award Result
Jan 2016 Manager of the Year 2015 Nominated
Jan 2016 Forum Moderator of the Year 2015 Won
Jan 2016 Sexiest Male 2015 Nominated
Jan 2015 Forum Moderator of the Year 2014 Won
Jan 2015 Events Organiser of the Year 2014 Nominated
Jan 2015 Biggest Shock Resignation/Dismissal 2014 Won
Jan 2015 Sexiest Male 2014 Nominated


Award Date Received
5 Year Milestone 02-Feb-2015
HabboxForum's 10th Birthday Winner 11-Sept-2014
HabboxForum's 10th Birthday Participant 11-Sept-2014
2500 Posts 27-Jul-2014
1000 Posts 27-Jul-2014
Staff of the Month 01-May-2014
Shrove Us Your Pancakes Award 06-Mar-2014
Happy New Year (2014) 02-Jan-2014
Santa's List ~ Naughty Award 20-Dec-2013
Doctor Who Quiz Award 25-Nov-2013
The Shining Forum Award 04-Aug-2013
Retro Week 03-Jul-2013
4 Year Milestone 22-May-2014
3 Year Milestone 22-May-2014
2 Year Milestone 01-Nov-2012
1 Year Milestone 02-Jan-2012
Habbo UK 02-Jan-2012
Official Habbox Habbo Group 02-Jan-2012


  • mdport. enjoys long walks on the beach.
  • He is addicted to Snapchat & subway.
  • He was offered Events Manager twice before accepting it the third time.
  • Moved from the United Kingdom to Australia.