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Joined Habbo 13-May-2019
HxF username ChlorineDioxide
Also known as Sebastian
Habbox Staff
Current role(s) Content Designer (Oct 2019-)

ChlorineDioxide Also known as Sebastian is a long time habbo player, he original joined habbo in 2006 on later that year he joined and has been playing there ever since. In 2013 he left for a while to learn some spanish on the Spanish Hotel, but has returned since 2019. After playing for a while on his old account he wanted to have a new name, because he wanted to start a new era. and has been named ChlorineDioxide ever since.

He works as a Content Designer for habbox since october 2019

"I love to share my knowledge with other people, and research everything about habbo. The Habbox Wiki is the perfect place for me! I love to create pages and contribute to pages"

Pages he created | Contributed to so far

Page Task
Achievements Contributed
Ads campguitar Contributed
Avatar Effects Contributed
Bonnie Blonde Created
Black Hole Contributed
Calippo Created Created Contributed
Catalogue Contributed
Celebrity Visits ( Created
Ecotron Contributed
Executive Challenge Created
Cheetos Created
Chupa Chups Created
Coolpolitics Created
Crafting Contributed
Deals Created
DJ-Bling Created
Donnie Santini: Space Explorer Created
Dubbelfrisss Machine Created
Durex Created
Floor Plan Editor Contributed
Forest Dragon Lamp Contributed
Golden EMA Trophy Contributed
Grefusa Created
Habbo's a la Playa Created Contributed
Habbo-Lympix Contributed
Habborella Contributed
Habbowood Contributed
Hacker Hunt Created
Haunted Carnival Contributed
Heroes And Villains Of Habbopolis Created
Iced Contributed
ING Trophy Created
Infobus Contributed
Lido Diving Contributed
List of rares released in 2003 Created
List of rares released in 2004 Created
List of rares released in 2005 Created
List of rares released in 2006 Created
List of rares released in 2007 Created
List of rares released in 2008 Created
List of rares released in 2009 Created
Log Cabin Contributed
Monsters of Habbo Created
Mother's Day Created
My Camp Rock TV Created
Niko Contributed
O.B Pillow Created
Postbank Safe Created
Public Rooms Contributed
Pumpkins Contributed
Rares Contributed
Rasta.Santa Created
Rollers Contributed
Room Bundles Contributed
SpangaS Op Survival Sleeping Bag Created
Stacking Created
Streets of Bobba Created
SuperPOP Created
Tampax Created
Twilight Contributed
Unholy Ground Created
Unreleased Items Contributed
USVA Contributed
Valentine's 2012 Created
Virus Contributed
Winter Horizon Contributed
Winter Palace Created

Green and Red

When you explore ChlorineDioxide's rooms you'll notice that his 2 main rooms (ChloDio's Domain and ChlorineDioxide's Office) are Green and red themed with HC furniture. This is because the Model for the chemical Chlorine Dioxide is Green and Red. Also his lucky colors are Green, Red and Purple.

Notable Look


This was his first look

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Result
Oct 2019 Staff Of The Month Won